Thursday, May 24, 2012

thrifty pinterest love

I thought it would be fun to share my favorite thrifty Pinterest finds today!

here's a DIY anthropologie belt that I just LOVE:

And here's a tutorial for keeping the original hem on your jeans. So easy!
I need to do this on a few pairs of mine!

An adorable use for mason jars that would be perfect for my kitchen:

and here's the lamp that I want to do in my laundry room:

I have a recipe for nut tacos {mawahahah, I'm re-creating everything meatless!} that could use this seasoning:

and for all of you Target clearance shoppers, here's the markdown schedule for Target! Score! 
You can find me here on Pinterest if you like that sort of thing! :D

What thrifty projects have you found on Pinterest lately? I'd love to see or hear! 

Leave me a link to your page- I would like to follow you over there! :D

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