Wednesday, May 23, 2012

what i wore this week {florals edition}

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It's almost summer, here, but I'm still trying to squeeze every day I can out of my jeans. I love pants. I'm cold everywhere we go that has a/c, so the jeans are a lifesaver when we go to church, to eat at a restaurant, to the store.... {it's a good thing I live in the hot South, eh?}

Like the night we went on a date last week- we went to a yummy sushi restaurant. I wore my skinny jeans with a sweater. I think I wore this very outfit sometime in February, back when it was "cold" {65}.

dress: less than $20 at AE {gift card!} / jeans: Gap, $6 / sweater: Gap, $20 / sandals: $4, thrifted / bag: Fossil, $20 thrifted
Dates are awesome by the way. And dates with sushi are even better. Yum.

Sunday at church, I was freezing again! Jeans are my best friend there too.

If you ever see me at church huddled as closely as I can get under Rob's arm, you might think it was because we are just that lovey, but the truth is, I like how warm he is. :)

And I do love him too. He smells good. :P

lace top: $9 clearance / miss me jeans: $27, eBay / sandals: payless: $16

belt: $3.24, Target / bracelet: gift, J. Crew
And this day, I knew I'd be outside for a while, so I pulled out the shorts! We had lunch outside at McAlister's, and I will soak up every moment I can of this beautiful 88 degree weather! :D

This was a live from Goodwill outfit:

top: $3 / shorts: $9, a&f / sandals: $5
and the thrifted sandals are some of my new favorites:

I love cheap shoes- I'm especially hard on sandals, so I have to re-buy them every year. I've found that my leather ones stretch out so much that I can't wear them the next year! Does that happen to you too?

 Either way, it's definitely sandal time! {which also means I have to keep up with painting my toenails...}

 Summer is almost here! We've already started the swimming, then there's picnics, grilling garden-fresh veggies, and watermelon....

YAY!! :D

Are you excited about summer too? 

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