Tuesday, May 15, 2012

what i wore this week {straight from Goodwill edition}

wondering what this series is about? read here to find out more… :)

So I did get at least one picture outside {of the dressing room, ahem} this week.

This is one of my favorite easy-going outfits- a $4 clearance dress from Target, paired with a $2 thrifted AE undershirt, and my old clearance metallic sandals. 

{Oh, and I guess this is also my "after" shot- from 40 days of the original food {plant-based} diet.  I didn't take before and after pics because I wasn't thinking I would lose weight eating nuts, and avocados, and potatoes, but surprisingly, I did! This one really stood out to me- for the first time, I really noticed a difference in muscle tone/definition in my upper body. Yay for unexpected results!1}

I was seriously thinking of rewarding myself for making it to the "end" with some cute workout clothes from Academy, but I didn't find any good sale or clearance items. :(

I did get a wiww pic though! 

thrifted Seven for all Mankind jeans {$7}, the Gap belt {$8} and wedges {$20}, and a clearance AE tee
Rob had to work on Saturday, so we went with him and I used my "extra" car time to work on answering emails. Then it was Goodwill time!

I had such an exciting trip! I ended up doing a little impromptu live thrift shopping excursion there! I posted the outfits on Facebook as I tried them on, and got real-time "yeas and nays" from you guys! It was so much fun! Like having a lot of sisters and besties to give me their opinions!

Here's what I tried on at Goodwill {tell me what you think!}:

The dress that started it all:
I posted: adorable vintage dress... a little too big, but for $6 should I go for it?

{I got a resounding yes!}

And I loved the teal ruffles on the top {$3} paired with a like new pair of Citizens of Humanity jeans for $6....

and this funky/fun boho Pacsun top for $4....

and I really fell in love with these gold metallic sandals that were practically new {$4}, designer denim skirt {$4}and the coral-orange plaid top for $3.

I even found a like-new Nike top for $3! 

Unlike Abbie's 30 minute Goodwill challenge, I definitely took my sweet time. I think I might have spent 30 minutes in the dressing room! I was having way too much fun. :) I'm a slow tryer-on-er anyway! I have to bend over, spin around four times and sit down in everything at least once. ;)

 Some of what I tried on came home with me and went straight to the washer so I could wear it on Sunday! {The $6 Citizens, and the $4 strappy sandals!}

I paired my new finds with an old Goodwill favorite- this coral pink shirt that I found at GW for $4 from way, way back on a weekend thrifting getaway with the girls.

Oh, and my one other outside wiww pic: here I was at the beginning of our Sunday night/Mother's Day camping trip {little did I know what was to come!}

I look optimistic, no? :) Coral is actually a good camping color. It is.

So I'm dying to know! What did you think? Which one was your favorite GW outfit? 

And which outfit will you see next week on wiww? hahaha! :D 

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