Thursday, July 5, 2012

Ava's 3rd birthday

 Avalie turned 3 last weekend! It is such a weird feeling to have my youngest child be considered a preschooler. 

She is a precious girlie- she loves to cuddle, which I totally love. :D

We had sprinkle cupcakes {rainbow mix w/ homemade icing}, and they weren't my style, but the kiddos loved them. :D

I actually got her to smile in a picture! This is a breakthrough!

Here was last year's birthday pic:

Here she is at 3:

All my kids love birthdays- no matter whose they are... ;) 

It might be because of the sugar rush:

It might be July, but Ava's always cold, and she needed her own big girl blanket :D

I made her a doll {one of my June goals!}:

 And her reaction was priceless. 

Seriously melted this mama's heart.

 I'm a terrible seamstress, but seeing her with her baby made it worth every excruciating minute of sewing and rethreading the machine 8 zillion times. :D

Happy birthday precious little girl!

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