Monday, July 16, 2012

monday goals + original food menu plan #5

Original food menu plans for this week:
1. taco salad: black bean, corn, and tomato salsa over mixed spring greens {we will see if the kids like this one! ;)}
2. summer fruit and veggies- squash, corn on the cob, field peas, and watermelon
3. pinto beans and basmati rice w/ nutritional yeast
4. baked potatoes and leftover beans
5. zucchini pizzas {the kids will get real pizza crust w/raw cashew butter :)}
6. vegan gluten-free blueberry buckwheat pancakes {the kids love pancakes, so I'm trying to find a very basic recipe without eggs and wheat- I'd prefer no flour of any kind though, so if you know of any, please let me know! :D}
7. dinner out!

salad w/ nutritional yeast and homemade dressing
pb&js and carrots for the kiddos
beans + rice
fruit + nuts
lunch out
avocados + rice
baked potatoes

oatmeal w/maple syrup
frozen banans
frozen fruit

I'm excited about this week's goals! If the Lord wills, I hope to:

the dishes are definitely on my to-do list for today! :D
sew 1 pillow for the girls
paint two projects
help paint ceiling
wash the dishes each day
2 loads of laundry each day
teach fitness classes and take others
work on cash budgeting system {we are trying it again}
list two things for sale for $10 business
make crockpot beans
stay off the internet during the day except for designated times {the 12 hour challenge}

keep working on my memory verses for this month
work on new combat choreography

3 chapters of The Ministry of Motherhood*
aloud to the kids each weekday

patient: pray each morning specifically for patience to treat my family with love even when I'm frustrated

What are your plans this week? I'd love to hear! :D

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