Monday, July 23, 2012

original food menu plan #6 + goals

Last week was super busy, and this week appears to be the same! :D The boys are at praise camp all day, and I'm trying to get as much done as possible in between dropping them off and picking them up and our BODYCOMBAT launch this Wednesday. :D

I love goals and menu plans, because they make me focus my energy and help me be productive each day, but as usual, they are open goals, so if they don't get done or we eat out more than I planned, I have to be okay with that too. That's real life, sometimes, isn't it? :D

Original food menu plans for this week:

1. polenta and black beans
2. asian veggies w/tofu and watermelon {the kids may end up with cereal for dinner on this one- we'll see!}
3. pinto beans and basmati rice w/ nutritional yeast
4. veggie chili + leftover rice
5. spaghetti squash with avocado and/or marinara
6. vegan gluten-free blueberry buckwheat pancakes {didn't get to these, so they are on the menu again!}
7. dinner out!
bonus: guilt-free chocolate chip blondies {made from chickpeas! ah! so excited! thank you for the tip Grace!}

salad w/ nutritional yeast and homemade dressing
pb&js, veggie chips and carrots for the kiddos
beans + rice
fruit + nuts
lunch out
avocados + rice

oatmeal w/maple syrup
frozen bananas
homemade granola cereal with almond milk

Here were my goals for last week:

  • sew 1 pillow for the girls {tutorial/pics coming soon!}
  • paint two projects
  • help paint ceiling {the hubs surprised me and painted it while I was at the gym. love. him.}
  • wash the dishes each day  {did this most days, except Sunday}
  • 2 loads of laundry each day {again, did this most days, except the weekend}
  • teach fitness classes and take others
  • work on cash budgeting system {did some paper planning, but not started yet. Must do this!}
  • list two things for sale for $10 business
  • make crockpot beans
  • stay off the internet during the day except for designated times {the 12 hour challenge} {I did okay, but not great at this- we were gone and busy some days, and I didn't get on at all, and some days I was on more than usual. It's a weird time for us, and I'm trying to consciously shut the computer and not open it again once I'm done blogging, except for check-in times. Easier said than done, of course. :)}
  • keep working on my memory verses for this month {still working on this one}
  • work on new combat choreography   {still working on this, but did a few hours last week}
  • 3 chapters of The Ministry of Motherhood*
  • aloud to the kids each weekday {officially stunk at this. Epic mommy fail, and I will try again this week}
  • patient: pray each morning specifically for patience to treat my family with love even when I'm frustrated {this is a tremendous help- God gives me so much grace and helps me when I ask Him. It's awesome! And I can tell the days I forget to ask Him too, it's a bigger battle for sure}
And this week's goals {if the Lord wills}:


  • blog
  • recover office chair
  • work on super-secret web/blog project coming soon :)
  • store/post office errands
  • 1-2 loads of laundry each weekday
  • dishes each weekday
  • sweep daily
  • work on re-organizing office
  • spray paint two more projects
  • fitness classes
  • wash slipcovers
  • start on curtains - cutting and ironing hems
  • work on cash budget system- starting this Thursday
  • continue the 12 hour challenge {even if I don't achieve perfection- I figure doing something is better than nothing, right?}
  • plan upcoming baby shower {um, can we say guilt-free Pinterest time? LOL!}
  • finish studying BODYCOMBAT choreography for Wednesday's launch
  • practice 1 Peter 1-3
  • patient: this week, I want to consciously calm my voice when I feel impatient
What are you planning to do this week? :D

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