Friday, July 20, 2012

watters creek + eating regular food

The hubs and I had a chance to get away to Dallas for a bit, and we ate... and ate... and ate... regular food. :D

Food was definitely one of the highlights of our date time!

In just 36 hours I do believe I ate a record amount of food. But nothing compared to this guy:

You see, in Texas we have this little place we call Freebirds. :D

They make legendary burritos. And their gigantic burrito is aptly named "The Monster."

Oh, and the picture isn't an optical illusion either. The guy making it had to get on top of it to roll all that food into a tortilla. :D

When we checked out he told my husband, "if you eat all of this, we need to take you to the doctor because something must be wrong with you."

My husband just laughed.

And then he ate it. Every single bite.

And he proceeded to polish off half of my salad:

and a good portion of the best brownie I've tasted in months:

It was impressive. My skinny vegan weight-lifting husband can put away the food! :D

I did my fair share of eating though...

I had lots of sushi...

And bread, and salad, and spinach dip, and pasta, and carrot cake from this amazing restaurant called Brio Tuscan Grille. Everything we ate there was amazing. Seriously good.

It was in this little place called Watters Creek in Allen. It's one of the most adorable places to go on a date!

We shopped at their grocery store, Market Street {where I bought my made-for-me sushi}:

And then we browsed through their Francesca's and Anthropologie. 

I love shopping at Anthro. I mostly buy bowls there, but I don't mind looking at the clothes or the fantastic vintage pieces they have either. ;) 

 Some of their clothes are not my style {or price range}, but it was love at first sight with this adorable, $178 dress {*choke*}:

I figured it wouldn't hurt to try it on, you know, just in case I happened to find it on clearance online or something... ;)

In the meantime, it definitely inspired me, and I walked into Target and had to firmly resist buying a lace shift version of it for $25. Something about seeing an adorable $178 dress makes a $25 lesser version look like a great deal!

 But I resisted because it wasn't blue and cream, and it was a shift style. Phew. I'll keep my eyes out at the thrift store and Marshall's though! {and I'll keep checking Anthro to see if it goes um... 80% off} :D

Watters Creek was a lovely place, and a lovely little getaway for sure. :D

Indulging in regular food was fun for 36 hours, but I have to say I am completely happy to get back to my regular diet again. :D

Oh, and I forgot to tell you- I had my first sip of Diet Dr. Pepper in four months, and guess what?

I didn't like it anymore. 

And that actually made me very, very happy. :D

Yay for real food {and water!}... and getting to enjoy regular food and shopping with the man of my dreams, and sweet dads who will keep all of your kids for 36 hours while you have fun. And friends who take your classes for you. :D It was such a blessing to get away, and it's good to be back home too. :D

Happy weekend friends!

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