Monday, August 13, 2012

a decade of happiness

10 years. 

I still can't believe it.

I've been married for a decade.

Two things come to mind when I read that sentence.

1. I'm officially old.

2. I'm so blessed to be happily married to my husband for so long.

Last Friday was our 10th anniversary, and this man knows how to celebrate an anniversary, I tell you.

Friday morning, he brought me four dozen roses:

and then he started right in on the dishes. :)

It doesn't get better than that! :D

He's an amazing husband. I seriously love this man. We've been married for a decade, and I still get butterflies. :)

Friday was our 10th anniversary {on the 10th!}, and my dad watched the kiddos for us {thanks, dad!!!}, so we headed out for a quick getaway night.  

Something about hitting the double digits of marriage made this weekend very special.

the engagement

Over eleven years ago, on Christmas Day, he asked me to go for a walk out on his parents' property. It was cold and pouring rain, and I think I remember trying to get out of this particular freezing rainy walk, but he managed to convince me. :) 

Bundled up in our coats, under a big rainbow umbrella, he took me out to his parents' pier. It was the very spot where we'd kissed for the first time exactly one year before. 

the pier
My heart started beating like crazy, as he got down on one knee, and told me he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me, and then he asked me to marry him. 

I was crying {I think he was too-it was too dark to see}, and I told him, "yes!" Then we almost ran back inside because by that time we were soaked. ;)

I was all of 18 {barely}, and he had just turned 21. We were so young! {not that we thought it at the time...}

Back in those days, it was hard to even imagine what 10 years later would look like.

I had no idea we'd have four children {8 years old and under}, and a fixer upper historical home in the same city where we'd went to college. 

I knew for sure that like all marriages, ours would have it's hard times, but I didn't know it would also get sweeter over the years.

Last Friday marked 10 years of marriage for us- almost 12 years since that Christmas day on the pier.

At midnight, after a lovely {steak!} dinner and a movie, we walked down to the harbor on the lake where we were staying. 

the harbor
As we strolled along the pier, it was still warm, but a breeze was blowing across the water, so it was more than pleasant. As we held hands and walked along the water, we talked about all the adventures we'd had together in the past decade. It became a fun game of "do you remember that time?"

As we walked past the lighthouse, he asked me, "do you remember that time we walked down a pier like this..."

I laughed, and said, "I think it was just a little was raining...and cold..."

He laughed too, then gently pulled my hand as he stopped and turned to stand in front of me.

"And I don't remember the lighthouse..." I added.

His voice caught just a little as he smiled and said, "do you remember how I was really nervous?" 

My heart started beating like crazy. So much like it did all those years ago.

I nodded as my eyes started to fill with tears.

His did too.

Then he kneeled down on the pier.

His eyes never left mine as his hand reached down into his pocket. "And do you remember how I got down on one knee, and reached in my pocket and pulled out a box..."  

Big fat tears started rolling down my cheeks.

"...and then I asked if you would marry me?"

I smiled as I furiously tried to wipe away the tears but they wouldn't stop. My eyes were a bit blurry, but I could see a shiny ring...

"Will you marry me?" he asked me again, 12 years later.

I couldn't stop crying and laughing as I said yes {again!}, and then he stood and we held each other for the longest time on the dark pier, not even caring that five people randomly decided to walk by at that very moment. 

By that point, we were both laughing and crying. As he put the ring on my finger, I couldn't help but ask him if he was nervous this time around because he thought I'd say no... :)

I love him so much. He knows me so, so well. He loves me so well. I think God designed this man for me. He knew that this man would be the one who would take care of my heart needs on this earth.

We're so blessed to have been given such a wonderful marriage. God has been so kind to us. We love the same things, we enjoy being together every chance we get, and we even like the same foods these days.

He works so hard for our family, and he even helps me with the house and puts the kids to bed at night. He leads our family and teaches our children how to live for Jesus. The word wonderful doesn't do him justice.

I've spent more than 1/3 of my life with him, and I can't wait to spend more.

I love you, baby. Happy anniversary.

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