Friday, August 3, 2012

mandy's closet news + food & fitness on friday

Thank you guys so much for making Mandy's Closet a big success! It was an exciting day yesterday! :D I was so happy to hear great feedback on ease of ordering and paying! Thank you for giving your feedback!

Lord willing, I'm going to be fulfilling all the orders this weekend, to be shipped out on Monday, so you should be receiving those packages next week! And we still have a few items in the closet right now if you want to browse! {and if you want to add something to your order, shipping will only be $1 extra. Just email me when you order and I'll credit you the base shipping fee back since you've already paid it.}

My plan is to do another sale before the end of the year! :D So much fun! :D

It's Friday, and I've got both food and fitness on my mind!

Last week we did our BODYCOMBAT launch, and bright and early tomorrow morning I've got a BODYPUMP launch at the gym- where we release our new choreography.

Here are Abbie and I after a really warm hour of the newest crazy BODYCOMBAT 52:

And yes, she is preggo and still doing BODYCOMBAT, because she rocks. She's about 31 weeks here.

Isn't she tiny??? 

She's having twins. 

Shut up, right?

I know, I know! It's incredible. :)

Two 3.5 lb. baby girls are in there somewhere.... and I'm so excited to meet them in the next month or two! :D

And speaking of babies...

Tomorrow night we're hosting a little couples dinner shower! {you didn't expect me to say I was pregnant, did you? bahahhaha ;)}

Anyway... :D, party food is very much on the brain right now! I'm making the main dish and our friends are bringing the sides and the dessert.

Right now, I'm planning a little pasta buffet with three kinds of pasta {one is veggie}, two sauces- sun dried tomato basil cream and a marinara, two meats, and veggies, so that everyone can enjoy their favorite pasta and then mix and match helpings. :D

We'll see how it goes. Either way it's going to be!

I'll fill you in on the rest of the food details next week! :D

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