Thursday, September 27, 2012

thrifty thursday: animal pans, castles, and fall finds

In honor of thrifty Thursday, I thought I'd share a few of my recent deals and finds!

I scored this pan at Goodwill for $3.99 in like new condition a couple of weeks ago:

It makes really, really cute pancakes {when you don't use the whole wheat eggless pumpkin recipe}: 

:D They were ugly, but the kids loved them even with just a hint of animal shape. :D Genius, Nordicware. I did later use a regular mix recipe with it too and they turned out beautifully.

And the girls loved Goodwill more than ever when we found both of these Tangled castles:

Their retail price on Amazon is $34.99 {left} and $109.99 right now. {choke} Here's our Tangled tower {the little one isn't pictured}:

Ours didn't come with the accessories, but that's okay. Our two castles were a total of $3.99 together. :D

$145? or $3.99 and a few less little toys? hmmmm....I love thrifting! 

Not all good deals have to be thrifted, though. I found these Mia Bridgeport {non-leather} riding boots for $29.88 at our local Sam's Club last week: 

I loved them! I didn't buy them, because I already have a pair, but it's really a bargain! Even Target doesn't have that great of a deal. :D 

What deals have you scored lately? 

Do you have good luck finding kitchen items at your thrift store? It seems like appliances, cooking tools, and plates are usually in abundance at most stores I visit!

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