Tuesday, October 2, 2012

finding our value in Christ

Last year I wrote a series of quick devotions called laundry devos about various topics that were on my heart that week. I did a 10 minute audio version for many of them so that you could listen while you work around the house, because I love working with my hands and listening at the same time. Do you too?

I remembered this particular devotion the other day as I was running down the back roads of Oklahoma.

I was thinking about how much I value the things I do and the things I have, and if God has changed my heart to be more willing to give it all up. I think He has definitely done such an amazing work in my heart in the past year, and I'm so glad He's still working on me! It actually makes me look forward to growing older- I can't wait to see what He will have done when I'm 50. :D

I wanted to share it again with you:

Where do you spend the most of your time? Where do you wish you could spend more time or have more of? Home organization? Community activities? A nicer car? A bigger house? Being well-dressed?  
There are so many things that we women value, it becomes an overwhelming list. We give our best attention to the things we treasure the most. 
The problem with things you value is that they unknowingly become things that give you value.
But it doesn't have to be this way. 
Your value is not in what you do, are, have, love, or feel. 

....read more or listen to defining our value {you can listen to the audio version or read the text version}.

Do you let what you do or own define who you are? 

What would happen if you lost everything.... could you leave it behind and still have your identity in Christ?

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