Thursday, October 11, 2012

my favorite jewelry organizer

A few weeks ago someone over on Facebook asked me how I store all of my jewelry. It's a great question, because over the years I've picked up several pieces of inexpensive costume jewelry {thanks to Goodwill!}. :)

I've used both jewelry boxes and jewelry trees in the past, but the problem I've had with those is that I always end up leaving my things on the surface around the storage container rather than actually putting them up where they go. ;)

The pile was getting a little out of hand, so when I spotted one of these at Marshall's last year, I decided to see if it would help me keep my jewelry a bit more organized:
I brought her home, inwardly kicking myself for spending $15 on an organizational tool {I'd much prefer to spend money on things I'll actually take out of my closet...haha!}.

But you know what? The hanging jewelry organizer worked really, really well for me!

I hung it on the inside of my closet door for easy access, and it's been the perfect place to put my jewelry away, because it makes me actually put it away. :D

Here's what it looks like a year later {i.e. what it looks like every day in my closet- in all it's real-life glory}:

I haven't reorganized it since I bought it, but having all the little pockets helps me to keep matching earrings together, and the big pockets at the bottom make it easy to store bracelets and chunky necklaces.

It's overflowing with jewelry on one side and empty on the other, but I'm okay with that. It's a definite win and a time-saver for this non-organized girl, so I'll take it! :D 

How do you like to organize your jewelry? :D 

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