Wednesday, October 10, 2012

what i wore this week {6 hairstyles edition}

After the last wiww {I'm in a headband-rut edition}, I determined that I would not wear a headband for at least...

...a few days. :D

So this week's wiww is brought to you headband free. :D I did manage to wear a few different outfits too... yay for variety! ;)

style 1: hair down in all it's craziness

this outfit could be sponsored by American Eagle {if only}... shirt, $9/ jeans $26/ belt, AE too/ leather shoes, Jessica Simpson, $20/ earrings: Target, $3

Oh, and I got those AE artist jeans on sale with a coupon this year at American Eagle, and my husband loves them. It's always a good thing when the husband loves the clothes and says so. :) It's funny, but I knew when I tried them on at the store that he would like them. :D {I love being married for 10 years!}

style 2: the heavy side sweep

This is one of my favorite outfits. I scored the sweater at Old Navy for $9 back in the spring, and the trousers are Anoname for $7 at Goodwill. Same shoes as last time. They get lots of wear! ;) It's definitely my favorite comfy-casual outfit! 

style 3: the updo

Okay, so I tried to do that poufy top thing, and it definitely felt retro. But the problem was that I ended up feeling as old as the hairdo. :) 

Eh. Not my fave. ;) I probably should've avoided the vintage satiny top with the vintagey earrings, with the vintage hair-do.

shirt, $10/ jeans, $6 Gap/ same shoes {ahem.}

style 4: the half-back

Not the football player kind. Though I did play on a boy's baseball team in high school. {We didn't have softball, so several girls got to play on the boys team one year. We didn't play much, but it was fun!}.

shirt: GW, $4/ scarf: $9/Marshall's / jeans, AE, $27 {two years ago}/ same shoes {this is getting!}

style 5: the half-twist 

We had a cold front come through last weekend, and I actually had to wear a jacket and boots! :D wohoo, Texas! Way to go! Thank you. And I love you. 

trench: Gap, $15/ scarf: AE, $15/ jeans: $6/ boots: vintage Frye's/ ebay find

style 6: the hair-bow

umm...this is what you wear on reorganize-your-room day.

{just keeping it real. ha!}

I'm curious: how many different hairstyles do you usually wear in a week? This was such a challenge for me! {which is evidence that I was in a hair rut for sure!}

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