Thursday, December 13, 2012

the $10 business | buckle your seatbelt {investment #4}

I feel so much better today!! I think your prayers worked, because I slept like a baby last night. Thank you, Lord!! :D

Remember the $10 business? {I'm still working on it, slowly!}. I'll post more of these as I get a chance!

I found this Harvey's seatbelt bag at Goodwill in great condition for $7.57:

These sell for $138 online, and they're actually made out of seat belts!  They're really well made bags, and pretty too. And no one will be able to rip it off your shoulder, that's for sure!

I sold my sweet little find for $35- making about $27 before taxes! :D Wohoo! :D

$126.69 + $27.43= $154.12 in four transactions {I started with $10!}.

After doing a few of these earlier this year, I realized that spending my free time shopping to make extra money isn't really high on my priority list. :) And I stopped doing as much thrifting after our Goodwill remodeled and prices went up. But if it's feasible for my family, I hope to do more of these kinds of transactions soon!

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