Wednesday, December 12, 2012

how to be like Jesus as a woman today {when you’re weary}

what it looks like to follow Jesus as a woman in today's world

Do you ever feel like you have little ones hanging on your legs all day long? Asking you for things constantly?

Jesus did too. :)

He even had adults pulling on his robe. Every person wanting something from Him. Touch me, heal me, help me.

Just imagining that scenario makes me twitch a bit.

Worse than the worst paparazzi- these people were infected, possessed, bleeding, leprous- and they all wanted to get to Jesus. To touch Him. To talk to Him.

Jesus certainly wasn’t a germaphobe, was He?

He had these needy people all over him, all the time, and over and over He had compassion on them.

I wonder how long would it take for my compassion tank to run out? Like two days? But He never runs out.

I love seeing in the Gospels how Jesus dealt with the needy people. I get tired just reading all He did {in between walking miles and miles everywhere}. When I would call it quits mentally, He has compassion and keeps on healing the sick and teaching the hearts of the lost. In almost every town.

I’m thinking, how does Jesus keep on? I know He has to be tired. I have just four little kids and a husband, and I get tired of constantly being needed. How does His human body keep going? Surely He felt something like I do today?

Then I see it: in the midst of all the ministry, over and over again He slips away from the crowd to be alone with His Father.

It even says it here in Luke 5:16: “But he would withdraw to desolate places and pray.”

Sometimes after the day ends, and many times before the day begins, Jesus recharges Himself in the presence of His Father.

And rising very early in the morning, while it was still dark, he departed and went out to a desolate place, and there he prayed. Mark 1:35

And after he had dismissed the crowds, he went up on the mountain by himself to pray. When evening came, he was there alone. Matthew 14:23

Wherever He is, He finds a quiet place to hear Him. To walk with Him.

So many times before and after big events in Jesus’ ministry, we find Him withdrawing to places He can be alone with God.

That last night in the Garden- He prayed all night. The culmination of His ministry here on earth was preceded by and soaked in prayer.

I know you’re thinking what I have before- but I have all these little children and I’m never alone. I have so much to do, all the time.

I think in light of the Scriptures, we have no excuse. :)

God Himself wore flesh, and everywhere He went He was followed by people needing Him to do something. To teach them something. Not so different from mamas.

And yet, even with all the work He had to do, He found Himself needing to be alone in the presence of God.

Perhaps we need the same. Before, after, during the day- it doesn’t matter when.

If you feel like you don’t have a moment to yourself, you’re in great company. Jesus understands. :)

And just like God provided a chance for Jesus to be alone with Him, He will do the same for you. He will refresh you with His Spirit, just like He did for His Son.

You have the Holy Spirit in you, speaking to your heart. I know if you ask, He will give you a moment to hear His voice.

It’s not the law of course- you don’t have to have any certain “quiet time” every day. God provides you with His Spirit everywhere! But looking at the example of Jesus, I think we would so benefit from being alone with Him regularly.

I know for me, a lot of times I read the Bible on the couch with the kids running around, but I can’t pray with little people talking all around me. I can’t. I need to be alone- I need to speak with God- I need to hear Him.

My heart burns and seeks God, and I want no distractions when He is calling me. Most of the time it’s in the morning, but sometimes in the middle of the day I can hide in the bedroom or the laundry room for a few minutes. Or in the bath at night.

If you feel God pulling you away for a moment, stop and go to your room or the laundry room or a closet, and pray to Him. He wants your heart, and you already know this, but your constant serving is draining on you, sweet friend.

You need to refresh your spirit in Him- to set your mind on things above so that you can continue in your well-doing. He gives power to the faint, and to them who have no might, He increases strength!

This morning I woke up really early because I have this awful sinus pressure. I didn’t sleep well at all last night. I woke up before the kiddos and had time alone with God. I told Him right away I had nothing today- that I am weak and tired and broken, and He said to me, when I am weak, He is strong.

And you know what? He gave me energy. Energy to brush hair. To put clothes in the dryer. To clean up the house. To do a load of laundry. To write two articles. To not have a terrible attitude because the center of my face hurts.

He gives you strength.

When you’re tired, find your rest in Him. Find anywhere you can to have a minute alone with God.

He will give you your strength. He did it for His Son, and He promises the same for you today.

Seek Him, my friend.

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