Tuesday, January 22, 2013

5 {or more} awesome things in life right now

Can I just say I'm thankful for you guys? I am so blessed to be a part of such a wonderful community. Thank you so much for praying yesterday!! 

Has January been busy for you? We've been so busy, it seems like the days are crawling by lately. I think that means we're using all the hours we can. Or at least I hope it does!

I need to do some menu planning very soon- eating out was getting crazy last week. Cooking and cleaning up at home always tends to be the first to go when we are really busy. {Unfortunately, I'm not too sad about that. ha!}

It's chorey time for me, so the last week we were busy practicing for our new release of BODYPUMP, which we launched last Saturday, and this week we're busy practicing BODYCOMBAT, which we launch next Monday.

Here's a video preview of what I'm learning this week- BODYCOMBAT is an hour long class of choreographed kickboxing/mma:

Just watching it makes my heart race. I LOVE teaching it. Ahhh. :D I'm excited. Probably a little too excited. :) If you have Les Mills classes in your area, you should totally try one. They rock.

And speaking of, here are a few other things that have rocked lately:

1. Finding out you can bake eggs. They are so much better in the oven than boiled!! Who knew?

I guess Alton Brown did. Baking them right on the rack at 325 for 30 minutes instead of boiling them gives you the creamiest eggs! 

But don't forget to set the timer. I forgot and overcooked my second batch, and they were rubbery and inedible. Leave it to me to overcook eggs... ;)

2. Shopping the Martha Stewart section at Staples for the first time. It was so pretty- labels, planners, stickers, folders...sigh. Gorgeousness. I bought my first disc-bound paper system there and love it!!

3. Visiting the Mexican grocery store again. It's been several months since we made a trip, but I fell in love all over again- cantaloupes for $1.39, limes- 8 for $1, potatoes that look decently fresh, ginormous avocados that have flavor, and seedless watermelon for $3.99! Fresh, hot tortillas for $1.99! Oh, how I love shopping there. I'll be back.

4. Clearing out over 22 bags of clutter from my house. I've become ruthless. Anything I don't love or use often is going out the door. I can't tell a difference on the surface level of our house yet, but our cabinets are getting emptier. In fact, I barely remember what I put in those bags anymore...is that bad? Or does that mean I didn't need it at all? hmm....  Only 18 more to go to meet my 40 bag challenge.

5. Walking around the specialty grocery store with my husband on our date. I was looking for leeks, but we had fun browsing around and seeing how many items we could randomly pick up that had high-fructose corn syrup in them. Oh, and laughing about lumpy cheese that actually melts on your pizza:

mmmm...yummy, no? ;) You'd have to be a vegan desperate for some pizza to try that one... :D

Hey, dates at the grocery store can be fun, right? {I know, the truth is, we're just weird. :D}


:: What's the strangest thing you've seen in a grocery store? 

Me- pickled pigs feet. Or tripe. Both gross me out in every way...

:: Paper lovers, have you visited the Martha Stewart section?

We had to drive almost two hours to the nearest Staples, but it was totally fun and worth it. And we went to Costco too, which is my favorite warehouse store ever.

:: Have you tried BODYCOMBAT before? 

I tried it for the first time three years ago, and have been hooked ever since. I used to be a TurboKick girl, and BC changed my world, and I haven't been able to do Turbo since. I don't know how to be bouncy when I kick anymore! haha! 

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