Monday, January 21, 2013

being like Jesus in life and death: a real life example this weekend

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If you follow over on the Facebook page, you might have seen this update on Saturday:
Would you guys do me a favor and pray for a sweet girl I know named Erin and all of her family?  
She lost her husband Jason last night in a horrible accident- he and another man stopped to help a woman trapped in her car after a wreck on a very dangerous road, and both Erin's husband and the other man were hit by an oncoming car and killed. Jason was just 33, and they had their first baby a few months ago.

I can't imagine what she {or their families} must going through right now. I know he was a believer, and we will see him again, but what an unexpected loss for those sweet people. Would you please pray for supernatural comfort for the families involved now, and as you think of them?

So glad to be a part of the body of Christ today- thank you for carrying the burdens of others to the Lord.
It was such a sad weekend for us- it was so heavy on my heart. I couldn't stop thinking about Erin, and praying for their family. I couldn't sleep Friday night, and kept imagining how waking up on Saturday morning would feel for her. I know how I would react if it were me- I wouldn't leave my bed for many days, I'm almost certain.

But what did sweet Erin do? 

On Saturday, she went to meet the girl Jason was trying to save when he died. She comforted her in her grief, told her it wasn't her fault, and even showed her a picture of her husband.

Oh, I couldn't stop crying when I heard that. 

Erin, who lost her husband less than 24 hours before, went and met this heartbroken woman and hugged her neck and told her she wasn't to blame.

She was Jesus to her. 

I can't help but worship the Lord at the thought of it. Who is this GOD? The God that gives grace and strength in such a way?

It's amazing.  And so not of this world. I know it only comes from God- but my human mind still can't fully comprehend it.

I praise God for Erin's willingness to be a vessel of love and forgiveness to the hurting. She is the most beautiful picture of Christ, and her love for the Lord is incredible, as was her husband's.

What an example and a testimony of the love of Jesus- her husband died trying to save another, and in the midst of her grief, Erin is loving on the one her husband died trying to save. She's showing her who her God is, and where her hope is found. 

And the story doesn't even stop there. The strength God has given this woman continues to amaze me.  Oh, He is good, you guys. So good.

Erin lives here in East Texas, and though I've only known her for a few years, and talked with her a few times in person, Abbie has known her for much longer, and she's sharing more of the story over here today.

If you can, go read it, and if you would, please continue to keep Erin and her family and friends in your prayers?  

And thank you so much, sweet friends, for pouring out your love and prayers on someone you don't know. I am continually in awe of that fact that we are a body of believers- sisters and brothers in the Lord- and that we mourn together as one, because of the love of Jesus. What a wonderful privilege it is to know you all. I can't wait to hug your necks. :)

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