Monday, February 18, 2013

and it's a..... {gender reveal baby #5}

it's a....
We had a last-minute gender reveal party this weekend, and it was so much fun. :) Only Rob and I knew this baby's gender, so we wanted to make it extra special when we told the kids.

I'll tell you though, making a gender cake might have been the most difficult baking project I've ever done. It was ridiculously hard to hide colorful crumbs under white icing. Next time I'll have to do chocolate icing. ;)

The top layer of the cake fell apart in three huge pieces as I was icing it Saturday afternoon {the reveal just 4 hours out!}, but I totally believe the Lord rescued me when He made me think to get the other cake plate we have and flip it over. Otherwise I might have fallen apart too. ;)

I think it turned out pretty well when it was all said and done:

I used buttercream icing, and added yellow sugar crystals and five little peeps for this baby:

Five little peeps. Wow. A friend told me I had a handful now! Hey, so when strangers tell me I've got my hands full, I can tell them, well technically just one hand full. heheh.

It's fun having kids with this guy. He's such a good daddy, and I think he liked having a cake party as much as I did.

Before we cut the cake, we made everyone vote for blue or pink {and tell me how much they'd pay me if they were wrong}:

lindsay {left},  abbie, and my sweet mom-in-law who took most of the pictures and votes!}

It ended up being heavy on the blue side {and apparently no one wanted to pay me}:

After everyone voted, we gathered in the dining room for the big surprise:

We finally cut the cake....



I love the looks on all the faces here:

and it was....

Blue! Aqua, maybe Tiffany blue, but definitely blue! :D

Which means we're so excited to have another one of these in the house after 8 years:

{My sister-in-law Cayse made two signs for me- one girl and one boy! Isn't that the sweetest thing ever? :D}

But now the girls will officially be outnumbered! :D We have about 24 weeks left to pull our equal rank. :D

I can't wait to share more about all this crazy pregnancy stuff! So much has happened {and not happened}, but my energy is finally returning and we are in project mode again. We bought an infant car seat this weekend, and I bought two boy outfits last week. :D It's exciting to prepare for this kind of deadline. :) I'll keep you posted, if that's okay with you guys!

So.... I know several of you are mamas of many- do you have any tips for getting ready for baby #5? 

Any tips for making the last few months of having just 4 extra special?

Have you ever been to a gender reveal party? Or made a colorful surprise cake?

Any tips on how not to eat this entire plate of cake leftovers? I want to eat it ALL.

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