Saturday, February 16, 2013

oh baby!

So did you notice the big news yesterday? :) 

{I think y'all did! :D Thank you all so much for your sweet words!!}

We're having our 5th baby in July or August!! :D 

Yesterday I added that fun little detail at the end of our v-day recap. Sneaky, huh? :) We had so much fun seeing our baby on Thursday. It was a big surprise for us- we never get to see them quite this early. I was thrilled! :)

We found out what we are having, and to make it even more fun for the kids, we decided to do a gender reveal cake tonight! 

This little baby was hiding from us at first. I love this modesty shot! Smart one. :)

We have two boys {9 and 7} and two girls {5 and 3}, so 3 of us will soon be outnumbered!
I can't wait to share all the details {and the gender!} with you on Monday! :D

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