Thursday, February 14, 2013

funny shades of indecision

Happy Valentine's Day!! :D The hubs and I are spending the morning together instead of going on a date tonight, and right now I'm working right alongside him. :) 

After we eat at Panera, I'm hoping for a long walk in the woods because,
source: pinterest
That's where all the fairy-tale romance stories happen, you know! :) But then again, you'd have to be attacked or put to sleep in order to be rescued... so it's probably not such a great deal for me after all. Panera will have to be romantic enough. ;) 

Woods aside, if Valentine's Day isn't your thing and you're feeling down today {I know I have been lately!}, you know you can always rely on Pinterest to find gems like this to make you laugh:
Give that one a caption. :) 

And I posted this on Facebook yesterday, but it still makes me smile every time:
But whatever you do today, do not search Pinterest for paint colors. It will be February 15 before you leave your computer. 

In fact, if you ever need a paint color sample, just call me, okay? I probably have the exact one you're looking for. Send me over the color name and number. I have them all catalogued. On my house wall. Right now. 

[above: clockwise from 10 o'clock: pier 14 valspar, kendall charcoal gray- sherwin williams, anonymous- sw, retreat- sw, urban sunrise-valspar {barely pictured}, and dolphin-martha stewart {I think!}]

On the outside alone, I've tried at least 12 different colors over the last few weeks. I'm officially crazy. And I was just kidding about the catalog thing. I can't even remember all of their names. :)

 Choosing a house paint color should be easy. But it's so not for me. The house exterior is big and all siding, so there's no going back once I commit. I've been extremely indecisive with this one.

I liked the bedford gray by Martha Stewart right under the window on the left, but felt like it was too blah on such a big scale. Grays are so hard. 

I think I finally may have decided on a color, though. :) Can you guess which one it is from this picture?

{clockwise from left: sw retreat, sw underseas, sw kendall charcoal, sw gray I can't remember}

What do you think? :) I just noticed this, but is it weird that the colors I like are my blog colors too?  I apparently subconsciously dress like my blog too...I really am crazy- or I seriously like those colors! hahaha}

Do you have trouble choosing paint colors too?

Do you pin funny things on Pinterest? {leave me your pinterest name- I want to follow you!}

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