Friday, February 15, 2013

seriously, the best v-day EVER.

Oh goodness, I had the best time hanging with my man yesterday. It was such a wonderful day. We took the kids to school and took Avalie to Mother's Day Out, and then headed to Panera for a morning carb fest:

Everything looked and smelled so amazing, but I didn't have a hard time choosing this one:

It was definitely not like the homemade version, but it was still really good! Kind of lemony in the center too. I liked it.

And the cinnamon roll was just the beginning.... {evil laugh} :) Lunch was at a local Italian place:

Why yes, that is two large pizzas. And no, there were no children eating with us. :)

At least mine was a veggie pizza- that counts for something, right? I did take some home. ;)

The hubs nailed it with gift as usual. :) You cannot go wrong buying me Starbucks and exercise gift cards. :) Or notebooks and pens. He's awesome like that.

And because he's my hero, he even came to my BODYPUMP class and sweated a perfect heart for me:

That's true love I tell you. Ten years of marriage makes even sweating sweet. :P

Though I loved the gift cards {and the heart-shaped sweating?!}, I have to say my very favorite present of the day was probably this little surprise:

I'm not usually a teddy bear person, but this one was extra special because it had a 7 second recording inside that I still love listening to over and over {oh, you have to listen to it!}:

Isn't that the best sound ever???

It's my favorite because it belonged to this cute little 16-weeker:

Okay, so the best Valentine's Day present ever: seeing your teeny 5th baby for the first time. :D 


What's your favorite Valentine's Day story?

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