Monday, February 11, 2013

with unveiled faces we see the Glory

Her face wasn't shining likes Moses' did, but it might as well have been.

Looking at her, you knew you were seeing the indwelling grace of the Holy Spirit Himself. When she spoke, you knew you were listening to the words our Lord wanted you to hear.

Never has a mama been able to speak with such strength and purpose to hundreds of people as my sister-in-law Christy did yesterday. At her own son's funeral.

Every eye was on her and every ear heard what she said.

Live for Jesus. Stop living for yourself. 

Trust in Jesus. He is a personal God. He is real and you can have a relationship with Him. 

This life is short, and your days are numbered by a Holy God. You only have this life, and God alone knows when your days will end. 

You cannot live with one foot in the world and one foot in the Word.

Don't wait to know Jesus.

She had a healthy teenage son last Tuesday. Five days later, my sister-in-law stood before a packed auditorium and told us that while there was no medical explanation for why her Jacob died, her God knew. His death had come as no surprise to Him- He had known the exact number of days her boy would live from the time he was in her womb.

He gave him to her, and He could take him back, she told us.

As I had walked down the aisle of the crowded church earlier with the rest of the family, never had my heart been more sure that this world was not supposed to be my home.

All eyes were on us as we took our seats at the front of a funeral of a 15-year-old, and my soul was reminded yet again that it wasn't supposed to happen like this. That we were foreigners in a strange land, longing for home- a place with no tears, or death, or sickness.

And what Christy said later confirmed it even more.

This life is a battle. We are in a war for our souls in this place, and we don't know when our time will come.

We can't afford to be casual about it.

This is real. 

Seeing this sweet woman walk through the flames and give glory to God, leaves me even more convinced that Christ alone is worthy to serve in this life.

The world could never explain what we all saw yesterday. I can't imagine seeing any unbelieving mother stand and praise God at the funeral of her son.

Oh, how He gives power to the faint, and to them who have no might, He increases strength! He is so very near to the brokenhearted. He is a mighty fortress for those who believe in Him, and He gives rest and hope for the weary and burdened.

I've seen those Scriptures lived out this week.

Her God- your God- my God- is more than WORTHY of our praise.

He is more than WORTHY of our lives. He doesn't need us, but He loved us so much that He wanted us. He rescued us. He redeemed us. Because He is good.

He is merciful and full of GLORY.

The Hebrews of the Old Testament saw the Shekinah glory of God in glimpses- in pillars of smoke, fire, thunder, in tabernacles, and on the fading glow of Moses' face.

The disciples of Jesus got to see the glory of God in flesh. Walking among them. Touching their souls and their bodies with healing.

Because of the covenant God made with Israel, and because of Jesus coming and dying in the flesh, today we get to see the glory of God shining through each other because of the Holy Spirit dwelling in us Himself.

With unveiled faces, we get to see the glory of God walking among us.

When it shines so brightly, we can't help but take notice. We can't help but praise God.

That's what happened yesterday.

Beautiful hope- the very Glory of God Himself in our midst.

Proof that He does not abandon us. He does not forsake us.

Our God is worthy, friends.

He is worthy of your whole life. Don't be complacent. You cannot afford to.

Do you love Him? Serve Him with whole-hearted abandon. Hold nothing back.

You have nothing without Him. Every breath you take is only because of the mercy of God.

Get rid of the distractions- go away and fall with your face to the floor, and give your heart to Him.

Stop living with one foot in the world.

You can't have one eye set on the things of the world, and one on God.

It is NOT possible.

Which god will you serve? When your world suddenly comes crashing in like my sister's, what will money or stuff or success do for you?

You know the answer.

Seek Him. Don't delay a minute longer. He is GOOD, and He loves you.

You don't know when your hour will come, sweet friend. Please don't wait to serve Him.

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