Wednesday, March 6, 2013

8 thrifty walmart finds I love this week

You know I love finding adorable things at a good price... so today I thought I would share some fun things I loved at....



Walmart. :D

Hey, Anthro and Target are both lovely, but almost all of us have a Walmart nearby and are on a budget, right? :)

Here are a few very affordable things from Wally World that caught my eye recently!! {oh, and I'm not sponsored by or an affiliate of Walmart in any way- just a frequent shopper...heheh!}

1. Yummy candles in cute jars for $5. :D
This one reminded me of my favorite Anthro scent.  Well, almost, but not quite as good. :D But it still smells so lovely!

Hazelnut Cream is my go-to scent for our house. I loved Yankee candles before {especially pumpkin!} but these are 1/4- 1/5 of the price, smell just as good, and last just as long.

2. Running shorts for less than $7!! 
I've worn these and really like them- they aren't as short as most, and don't hang as strangely as some longer ones I've tried. They remind me of my Nike Tempo shorts, only they are less than 1/3 of the price! {confession: even with my growing belly (and everything else!), I'm still in love with workout clothes! :) hey, and it's a good reason to buy a few new pieces, right? ;)}

Here's the Nike version I have:

And here's the Walmart version again in another cute color:

3. Teal polka-dot tanks for $3.94.
I don't wear cotton ribbed tanks too often {too hot for me in Texas these days}, but if I did I would snatch this one right up:

I thought this one would be adorable paired with a swim skirt or shorts underneath- so vintage!

They had other cute modest full-length style swimsuits and bottoms too- a rare thing to find in that price range. :D

5. Neon youth cotton tees, $3.47.
Seriously, you can't beat $3.47 for a good t-shirt! That's barely more than the price of Goodwill, and without all of the stains!!

6. Pretty scarves for $6.96!
Why pay $10-$20 for a scarf again? I thought all of these were adorable, and that large green striped one under the pink was a knit infinity scarf! SO cute!

This is probably the most exciting find from Walmart in a while- I picked up this skirt for less than $13! They are sold out online in this color, but they have gray/blue left, and they might still have the bright one in your store if you're looking for one! :D

8. A fun spring silky top for $10.88!
Here's an online find I haven't seen in person but would love to try if I weren't going to be hugely preggo this summer: this cute spring Alexis Taylor vintage style top for $10.88:

Have you found any cute stuff at Wally World lately? Any good deals you loved?
In non-cutesy news, they now have Great Value Salt and Vinegar kettle chips. OH my goodness, cravings, stay away!

Do you buy groceries at Walmart too?
I used to buy them there all the time, but now we only pick up a few things that we can't buy at Sam's Club like plain greek yogurt, stevia, mousse, socks, facial products, etc...

What's your favorite place to find cheap workout or regular clothes? 

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