Wednesday, March 20, 2013

homemaking hack #3: hair gear organization

Warning: the following homemaking hack may not apply to people without a headband obsession. :)

I have professed my love for headbands in the past, and even took a week to fast from them because I was so addicted. ;)

But if you are in love with headbands like me, this easy little organization trick might work for you!

I hang all of my hair gear on an over-the-door towel hook in the bathroom like this:

That's probably not even all of my collection. :P 
I'm sure I could dig a few more out of the bathroom drawers, my purse, my gym bag, and my nightstand. :)

I love using this hook method because I can see which headband I want to wear, and it keeps them from getting all messy and tangled in the bathroom drawers. I can't tell you how many times I've pulled out a headband from the drawer without looking at it and worn it in public with a big smudge of makeup on the top of it. So this headband rack has also technically saved me from tons of embarrassment too. ;)

Sometimes I put my ponytail holders on the top hooks, but at the moment I've lost them all and need to buy another new package. Are ponytail holders one-time use only at your house too? Mine either break when I try to put them in my hair or they disappear to the same place where all the missing socks are right now. And I've yet to find that place. Have you? {oooh... I've never looked under the dryer!}.

If you're not a headband person, you could use this kind of rack to organize your necklaces and bracelets on your bathroom door. I'm still using this to organize my jewelry, but this door rack sometimes holds my jewelry temporarily too. :)

And I was thinking if you have lots of hair bows, you could also tie a pretty ribbon on each hook to make one of those cute little girl bow holders. {I just love girly hair bows, don't you? We need more of those around here... but both of my girls seem to be genetically inclined to lose them for some reason...??}.

I bought my hook rack at Marshall's for somewhere around $10 a few years ago, and it's been working hard for us ever since... and hey, it can do double duty and hold clean clothes and towels too! :)

How do you store your hair accessories? 

Thick-haired friends- what is the best brand of ponytail holders to buy? I'm so cheap I buy the dollar package and end up breaking every one before they even go twice around my hair!!

Do you ever find yourself wearing the same hairdo over and over, just because it's comfortable?
I have to keep my hair out of my eyes when I workout, so I keep falling back to the same headband style. I like having the hair off of my neck too for some reason... :)

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