Wednesday, April 3, 2013

homemaking hack #4: wire fridge baskets

You know how there's always one thing that you really have to do when it comes to house cleaning or it will bug you constantly?

Yeah, that never happens to me. ;)

Okay, okay.... so that's not entirely true. I'm not a fan of cluttered surfaces- at least the permanent versions, anyway- having lots of trinkets on my shelves kind of makes me want to start a donation bag to GW asap. I like lots of cleared space if there's visual open space to be had. And then somehow I lose all care for how much clutter is behind a cabinet or a door. :)

If you came to my house and I opened my cabinet or fridge, I have a feeling you'd feel like an avalanche is about to happen. I try not to leave them open in case small children are around. ;)

For some weird reason in my brain, things just don't need to be organized if they're in cabinets and drawers. {a true mercy from Heaven at this point, because it would never happen anyway}. :)

But somewhere deep down, I think I would like to have clean fridge shelves that I can see through.... so  a few months ago, I found a little trick to help me organize my cold food better.

This week's homemaking hack was a super simple {and cheap} way for me to feel a little happier about the state of my refrigerator that will probably never be clean. :)

Believe me when I say this is as organized and clean as my fridge ever gets, and most often it doesn't look like this {it's not great, so don't look too closely! :P} :) I got a little crazy and wiped down all of the shelves instead of just two for my goals last week....hehee! Otherwise, I'd spare you the normal view. :)

I bought these little wire baskets in the Target dollar spot for $2.50 {what happened to the $1 stuff anyway?}, and because we buy eggs in bulk, I decided to use one of them to store our eggs:

I really love it! No more huge 18-egg cartons shoved in the fridge taking up a ton of room; now, a whole container will fit in the basket. And it's been so nice to be able to see how many eggs we have left at a glance too!

The only time I've dropped the basket was when I was hosting a Christmas party in December, and I can't remember how it happened, but I didn't put them on the shelf well enough and when I opened the door they fell out and broke on the rug. But I was also newly pregnant, nauseous, and clumsy {still going strong with that symptom in the 2nd tri. by the way}, sooo... it was definitely my fault. :)

I also have lots of little bags of buckwheat, flax, quinoa, etc. stored in the fridge in another little basket so they won't spill and stay organized-ish too. :D

Oh, by the way- those ginormous red dragon grapes? Awful. They have seeds...eeww {I'm spoiled to seedless, apparently}. Luckily the kids don't mind. ;) My four cute little fruit eaters will quickly dispose of them for me.

Do you have a favorite trick for keeping your fridge organized?

Or how about your favorite fridge cleaning trick? How do you stay warm and dry when you clean it out?

Have you ever seen those cute fridge coasters? Do they work or just get icky? :)

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