Thursday, April 4, 2013

sweet memories with my favorite shoes + finding them at GW

I might have mentioned it before, but Rob and I LOVE hiking. Both of the vacations we've gone on without kids were adventure trips. {I guess we aren't very good relaxers, even on vacation!} :) 

Our last vacation was a little over two years ago now- we had a chance to go to Hawaii with our friends {and they totally hooked us up with a sweet deal on a place to stay!}. It was the best trip ever. :) 

Not only did we get to hang with them, we also got to see some of the most beautiful places in the entire world, I kid you not. God made the most wonderful earth, and I was so glad to get a chance to see a little part of it that screams of His majesty. :D

Oh, it was amazing...just breathtaking.

Pictures just don't do it justice. :)

Okay, my mind is wandering now... come back to Texas and thrifting, Mandy.... :) Anyway, we hiked every day to the inner parts of the island so that we could see waterfalls and ocean views. We invested in some hiking sandals right before the trip and wore them all week long- Keens for me and Tevas for Rob. Here were my trusty Keens on their first voyage {this is one of my favorite memories...sniff, sniff}:

Unfortunately, we went cheap on Rob's sandals. We found them on clearance, and the poor man, he not only blistered his feet to pieces, but his sandals broke too, in less than one week of use! He was probably happy to finally put his feet up when we kayaked one day...  {I tried to find a picture of his sandals, but I guess I never took one of his feet? LOL}:

Here's the river we were in...oh, man! 

So now you know why my Keens hold such a special place in my heart... I'm so thankful for those sweet memories. :) 

My sandals, though they were fairly expensive, ended up being one of the best investments we made. I still came back with a few rubs/blisters from breaking them in in the mud, but poor Rob's $40 broken shoes made him miserable for most of the hikes {add in the sickest ocean sunburn, and he was still such a good sport about it all}. Next time, we decided, buying the better brand would be more than worth it.

And then, one year after our trip at a Goodwill in Dallas, I spotted a pair of like new men's Keen's in his size for-get this- $4.99! I snatched them up like a crazy woman {as if anyone in Texas really wants hiking shoes...thus the reason they were at GW} and hid them in my buggy and did a happy dance all the way out of the store. ;) 

So next time we take a trip {if that ever happens again!}, we'll be prepared- and we'll have saved $90! ;) {it totally counts toward the vaca fund, right?}

And then again, a couple of weeks ago when we were in Dallas, I went to the very same GW and found all of these kid's Keens for $3.99 a pair!

They are $30 for the littlest ones {baby boy won't wear them for a while, but I couldn't resist!}, and $50 for the bigger kid ones online. Waterproof, kid-proof, indestructible shoes they don't have to tie? That's a win. :)

While there probably won't be any Hawaii in their future {unless the Lord has some awesome plans for us? I'll go, please?}, they'll work just as well for our everyday hot Texas summer. :) 

And in the meantime, I'll be wearing mine to do yard work in while dreaming of those lovely tropical waterfalls. :) hehee.

Do you have a story behind your favorite shoes? Or is that weird {and just me}?

Have you seen a place so beautiful that made you want to cry with worship and praise to God?
Definitely Hawaii. I haven't been to lots of places in my life, but so far those islands take the cake. :)

Best deal on shoes you've ever scored? Or do used shoes creep you out? {I used to be there with you, don't worry}

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