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how to find non-maternity pregnancy clothes {+ five deals I love right now}

Okay, so I think something crazy happens to women in the second trimester. Suddenly you totally lose all interest in wearing anything but yoga pants and a t-shirt {or maybe it's just me!}.

Not that clothing should ever be a big concern in the first place, but somehow when your body is growing and changing, it seems like you kind of go into survival mode and want a pair of stretchy pants and just one or two things that will get you through the next few months. :)

the one small piece of clothing I'm really looking forward to putting on these days ;)
{Now caring about what the house looks like is a whole different story- phase 1 of nesting is happening on a major scale here already! lol!}

I remember when I had my first baby, I was so stinking excited to try on maternity clothes. I wouldn't have dreamed of wearing anything else- I mean I'm pregnant after all!! :) I even went in to the fitting room and tried on that little pillow bump when I was in my first trimester. That's how pumped I was. :)

But for the last four pregnancies {4??!!! wow}, I've tried to find as many clothes as I could that would fit me after the baby was born too. That was the kicker about maternity clothes- I wouldn't want to wear them at all after the baby was born, but nothing else fit!

I went through my old maternity clothes the other day and strangely enough, I didn't find much I've even worn when I was pregnant in the last 6-8 years.  Most of my favorite "maternity" clothes these days are regular clothes 1-2 sizes bigger than my normal size!

It's surprising, but the clothing styles have changed so much that you can really find plenty of clothes in stores and at GW that will fit without having the maternity label on them. :) While it won't work for everyone, of course, I have really enjoyed having clothes I could keep using after the baby is born. :)

If you're shopping for non-maternity pregnancy clothes, I think you basically want to find longer shirts with room to grow out in the front, which means they're either extra stretchy knit, or very long and blousy to begin with. And most of the time, you'll want to size up 1-2 sizes so you don't outgrow it. 

But here's an important tip: when you're sizing up, if possible, also try to make sure the shoulders fit you as well as possible. Getting as close to your regular size in the upper body/shoulders with lots of extra room in the bottom is the idea. :)

You'll save lots of money by buying regular clothes {they're way cheaper!}, and really, it's way more fun to have clothes you can wear for months after the baby is born too! :)

Here are a few of my favorite cheap "non-maternity" clothes finds for pregnancy you can buy right now:

1. the basic long tee
I picked up this striped Mossimo shirt at Target for $8 in a couple sizes up- I love that these tees are extra long to cover the belly:
2. The dressy tee.
And I'm loving my $14.99 Merona stretchy ruffle shirt- it's long and covers well too- I sized up one so I  think I should be able to wear it for a while, and after the baby is born too:
{I was wearing it here on ultrasound day!}

3. Pants extenders. {formerly known as elastic with buttons?}
Okay, so these are technically maternity items, but they make your non-maternity clothes work longer. While I love the bella band, I've always loved these button extenders more for extending my regular jeans. The bella bands were a bit itchy and roll quite a bit, but these make your regular jeans work without wearing an extra tight tube top around your hips. :)

I lost mine sometime in the past 4 years, so I'm thinking I need to pick up another set soon!

4. Exercise clothes.
This is the area I've needed the most clothing in this time around. I didn't have many exercise shirts that would fit me well beyond the first trimester, so for the last couple of months Old Navy and Target have been my go-tos for blousy cheap workout tops that I can teach in.

This ON top is on clearance in the store right now and it's super long:

And I love these tie-bottom Target shirts. I picked up one in pink, and it's so happy! :)

Honestly, most of my clothes these days are exercise clothes. {and I have a feeling that will probably continue for the next 3.7564 months or so?} :)

I just put on my workout clothes in the morning and wear them until it's time to go to the gym. It saves me laundry, and having to try to find regular clothes that fit every day. And as Martha says, that's a very good thing. ;)

Oh, it's so fun to have this little reason to buy a few bigger clothes. He's worth it, I think. ;)

Are you a non-maternity clothes wearer too? Or do you ever get maternity clothes handed down to you? {that's so fun!}

What are your favorite things to wear that get you through 9 months of growing?
My last 4 have been summer babies, so I've loved having lots of shorts that were cool!

What would you say your best maternity investment has been?
A pair of Gap maternity jeans used to be my old standby, but now I am a fan of regular ones with a button extender more, I think.

Favorite nursing bra? {I've yet to find one I like!}

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