Tuesday, April 9, 2013

suicide and depression- loving those walking through it {links}

how can you love someone who is hurting this week?
I just wanted to quickly share two articles that are really worth your time to read:

From Beth Moore- Oh, every time I see Christians bashing other people or other Christians on Facebook about hot topics like homosexuality, suicide, and even chicken sandwiches, it makes me want to cry... it feels like such a shame to the body of Christ. I don't understand why anyone would ever feel compelled to hate on someone they don't even know or other Christians in general in such a public place. 

I love what she writes in response to the serious hatred and attacks going on toward the Warren family who lost their son to suicide this weekend. Oh friends, please consider what you are saying before you speak- especially in front of hundreds of your friends.

No one is going to be perfectly in control of their tongue all the time, I'm certainly not {!}, but it's the harsh words of others that we cannot forget, isn't it? You don't have to agree with everyone or their theology, but you are called to love always, and remember those public figures are real people too.

On Depression- Ann Voskamp writes about depression and suicide, from the other side. I think the Christian community easily dismisses depression as simply a spiritual issue and walks on, but we are called to reach out to the broken- and those broken in spirit need it even more. Love, love, love the poor in spirit, even when you don't understand why they could be sad. 

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