Friday, April 12, 2013

the abortionist on trial you've never heard of

warning: this is a graphic post, and very hard for me to write and share as I'm 24 weeks pregnant with my own tiny baby. But it's so important for us to know and pray. Ohhhh.

actual picture from the DA's grand jury report against Gosnell
I didn't even know this until yesterday- but there is a huge abortion trial going on right now and most of the national media is refusing to cover it.

Kermit Gosnell is on trial, charged with 8 counts of murder and infanticide, and numerous witnesses have testified of the most atrocious circumstances in his abortion clinic- dozens and dozens of jars with baby parts in storage, hundreds of babies being "beheaded" with scissors after being born alive, 15-year-olds administering anesthesia, forced abortions, blood-stained equipment, and the list goes on. It's unreal, and it happened here in the US thousands of times.

The news doesn't want to cover this trial because it shows what abortion really is- the murder of innocent babies in it's ugliest form. But the general public needs to know this information- to see what they are really doing by voting for abortion.

While this man has seemingly taken it to the worst and most inhumane degree, the act of abortion- the sacrificing of unborn infants- alone is heinous, even in the most sanitary of conditions. The details of every abortion no one wants to see or hear are being well hidden by the media to protect this awful "freedom" we have.

Oh, friends, I don't understand God's mercy and patience with us here {and my sin is no less sin in His sight}- I really don't, except that every day we all have been given a chance to repent and know Him. Our God holds the power to change the hearts of those going in for abortions, and if we all cry out to Him, maybe He will hear our cry for change, and for the lives of these innocent babies. Please, please pray. We need Him.

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