Thursday, April 11, 2013

what is this? + a DIY antique globe redo

Did I ever tell you I have a Goodwill just 5 minutes away from my house? Dangerous, I know, for a serial thrifter like me.... ;)

Of course, you know the truth: that's why we purchased our home where we did. I googled GW's address and found all homes for sale within a 3.45 mile radius.

Naturally, we had some fierce competition to get this close to one. I mean, doesn't everyone want to live by a GW? It's always been my dream, anyway. ;)

Just this week at our neighborhood store, I scored these two fun silver pieces- the candle holder on the left for $2.49 and the heavy dish on the right for $1.99:

I thought I would put pencils in the candleholder, and use the serving dish for parties... but I would really love to know what the serving dish is made out of before I do- it's heavy and thick, but not as heavy as you'd expect it to be? {clearly, I am an expert on vintage metal decor...}

Here's what it looks like on the bottom- very porous and old:

Do you know what it is? Is it aluminum? Or stainless steel? Or did I buy $500 worth of silver for $2? I have no clue, but either way, it's cute for hosting a shower. ;)

And I have quite a thing for globes- I only have one little one, but this big school one for $5 called my name:

I've never tried to buy one at the store before- or even looked for one- so I had no idea that the antique style ones are $50??? Even at Walmart? What? How is that possible? I figured they would run $25- $30?

Amazon, 12 inch globe, $50
And I thought $5 was reasonable. :)

Especially after I painted her coral:

Globes = cute and all.... but a coral globe? I'm in love. {And it should totally be worth like $75 now, right?!} 

I haven't decided where to put it just yet, but I do have a nice collection of GW finds going on in this corner of the buffet! :D

lamp- $5 GW, shade $2 GW, candlesticks- $4 GW, DIY art tutorial coming someday!
It's a good thing I'm never far from an old GW. If I were, I might have tried to go to Walmart and pay $50 for an antique-style globe. ;)

Did you know globes were so expensive??

Most unexpected painting project that you loved how it turned out? {any links? :)}
I'm still in love with this week's coral globe! It's my favorite right now!

Ever accidentally bought a real silver piece thrifting? 
If I did I wouldn't know it... ha!

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