Monday, April 15, 2013

yes, this really happened, and I can't believe it either

Sad to say, I honestly can't remember this happening more than once in all of my 10 years of homemaking...

Since I finished washing the clothes during the evening, the sweet satisfaction lasted less than one hour before the kids added in their dirty clothes from the day . But really, two empty laundry hampers? I'll take that, even if it's only for a few minutes. :)

I still can't believe one of my dreams came true. ;) It's amazing what setting a goal can do for laundry motivation!

And speaking of goals, here's the flannel baby blanket that was on my goal list to sew last week:

I finished it in about an hour, and in the process learned what not to do with binding on blankets! I also remembered that sewing is some form of torture for me. I have no idea why I keep trying? I can't even sew a straight line. Or put thread on the bobbin. {Seriously, that was the longest part of the whole thing. Grrr.} :)

Oh well, at least this sweet boy will have one thing his mama made just for him. Hopefully he won't notice the many imperfections.... ;) 

I also painted a few frames last week, which I hope to show you with finished artwork sometime soon {one of my new prints here, in a different frame!}:

And I painted my globe, which I'm still stoked about! :)

After all that work, I had to celebrate {of course} by indulging in my newest pregnancy craving: a chocolate mix with M&M's. Forget watermelon, I wanted the good stuff:

There's nothing like Braum's frozen yogurt. It's perfectly chocolatey. :)

I even had a yummy red velvet cupcake and a chocolate chip muffin at a shower this weekend too, so the cravings for sweets after that sugar high hit me hard on Saturday, and all I wanted was chocolate! :) Sometimes, I decided, you just gotta go for the sugar and do better the next day. When you're pregnant, sugar is just worth it, you know? ;)

Oh, if only cakes like this tasted as good as the sugared version:

Maybe they're on to something there- next time a craving hits, I'll just stack up my lettuce and pretend it's a cake. :)

Here's our menu plans and goals for the rest of the week:

tentative menu/dinner plans:
pinto beans and rice
asian chicken stir fry veggies {frozen} with rice {I have no idea if the kids will eat this!}
semi-homemade pizza/ frozen crust w/turkey pepperoni
chicken fajitas + refried beans with rice
mexican skillet hodge podge- corn, new potatoes, black beans, salsa, and chicken
tuna salad sandwiches + fruit
oatmeal + scrambled eggs
red potatoes + beans

goals for this week:
make a new budget
hang pictures
cook pinto beans {an all-day process!}
eat only from the pantry this week {I need to pick up two things, but other than that, I want to clean out the cabinets}
keep up with the laundry- or at least get it done for one day hour again! 
make a new kitchen pantry cabinet + move food
paint scroll wall decor
print photographs for frames

And if I do all that, I'll be really excited....haha! :)

What's your favorite ice cream blizzard/mix combo?
Chocolate with M&M's, ever since I was a little bitty girl. If I'm sharing with Rob, Oreo Cookie Jar {oreos, cookie dough, brownies in vanilla since mine isn't his fave}.

Do you sew? Did you teach yourself? Or is sewing your nemesis like it is mine?

How long does it take you to wind a bobbin?...never mind, please don't tell me the truth. I might cry. Just say 30 minutes instead.

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