Thursday, May 9, 2013

12 ideas for reusing burlap rice sacks {thrifty thursday}

Okay, this might be borderline cheapskate Thursday instead of thrifty Thursday...but I had to tell you anyway. I have no shame. ;)

We love this rice from Sam's Club:

It's pretty pricey compared to regular white rice {2x more at least}, but basmati is our favorite. But as much the family loves this rice, I love the bag it comes in more. :) I can't bear to throw them away, so here are a few things I do with them to reuse and repurpose them:

I use them as gift bags. They have a zipper, so no tissue paper is needed! :D I am a last minute wrapper, and these work so well. And don't tell, but for some reason I don't enjoy spending money on big gift bags and tissue paper? I have no idea why I'm so cheap there! I apologize in advance if I ever give you a rice bag to hold your present sometime in the future. Just know I spent the money I saved on your actual gift! :P

Here's Noah opening his birthday present this weekend:

I also use them as swimming bags. It will hold a couple of towels and swimsuits, and I like how breathable the fabric is for damp clothes. It's also small enough to keep in the back of the car every day without overtaking the whole thing. {You never know when you might get the urge to swim. ;)}

And we also like to use our old sacks for portable lego storage containers for car trips and nights away from home. :D

Here are a few other uses I've come up with for my rice sacks. {I haven't done them all yet- we haven't gone through that many pounds of rice yet! hehe}
  • a library book bag
  • lego organization {for keeping the kit legos separate from the others}
  • a throw pillow
  • glue it to an old canvas for kitchen wall decor
  • cut and frame parts of it for a fun wall gallery
  • fill it with a brick and stuffing for a cute door holder/stopper
  • sew 3-4 together for a kitchen valance/shade
  • cover a cork board for cute decor
  • cut into triangles to make a pennant banner for a boys room
And I'm sure there's so much more you could do with it!! I haven't even looked on Pinterest yet! :)

What would you do with a cute rice bag? Any other ideas for me? 

What's your favorite kind of rice? Or do you prefer potatoes?
I like wild and brown rice the most I think. :) White basmati is a close second. Oh, and the sushi kind, provided it's rolled up with seaweed, crab, and avocado.... ;)

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