Friday, May 10, 2013

28 week update: the pre-baby to-do list {and the unrealistic nesting one too}

I'm 28 weeks, which means I'm officially into my third trimester these days! In some ways, the 10-12 weeks I have left sound like a loooonggg time to keep growing bigger, but I've lived enough days to know that the end will be here very, very soon! :) I have a feeling it will fly by.

Even the fifth time around, pregnancy is still one of the strangest things to me. I'm visibly with child now, so I get such a wide range of comments in real life these days! :) 

Just this week alone, one cashier at a restaurant told me it seemed like I'd been pregnant forever already and should be done by now, then another cashier at a different place told me she couldn't tell I was pregnant at all until I rubbed my belly, and not two days later someone else asked me if I was due any day now.... you just really never know what someone is going to tell you when it comes to your pregnant belly. ;) It's wide open, and everyone has something different to say! You just have to brace for the impact... heheh! ;)

Here's my 28 week iPhone shot... it's definitely looks like I'm smuggling a small watermelon in there- especially first thing in the morning. My belly looks and feels like a very round bowling ball:

He's getting stronger too- bigger kicks and rolls happen much more frequently these days. All of the kids have gotten to feel him kick now. {that is one of the best moments of being a mama, I think. They all get so wide-eyed and squeal with excitement. :D} It won't be long, and they'll all be playing with him and asking to hold him all the time. :D

The closer I get to the end though, the more I realize I have a ton to do before the baby comes.

I have to turn this fabric into a pretty quilt:

After that, reorganize my sewing room to make it into a nursery:

side note: I can't believe we took that picture {on the wall} on our honeymoon over 10.5 years ago now!

What kids we were back then. ;) We were just 19 and 22:

And now I'm 30 and a mommy to 3 boys and 2 girls!! It's a good thing, though. Marriage gets even better with time. :)

So does being a mommy, I think. Isabella {5} made my morning with her sweet note:

Little girls are so much fun!! :D

But back to the baby to-do list- here's what I hope to finish before mid-July:

  • make quilt/bedding
  • make 1 wall decor piece for over the bed
  • paint crib and dresser
  • wash baby clothes
  • buy diapers, wipes, and nursing supplies
  • wash car seat + bouncer covers
  • hang curtains
  • order or find a pack n' play travel lite on Craigslist

And here's the insane nesting to-do list for the next 10 weeks that's secretly hiding out in the back of my mind {you have one too don't you??} :)

  • redo entire yard
  • build a new fence
  • mulch and plant flower beds
  • host birthday party for Avalie
  • finish painting house
  • redo/finish girls room -needs 2nd coat of paint, and a bed makeover is waiting to happen in the attic
  • redo boys room- paint/reorganize
  • finish the stairs
  • add light fixture to bathroom
  • find a new-to-us washing machine to replace our 10 year-old one
  • finish 180,000 little things that need to be done around the house

Oh goodness. Just looking at that list, I know that it won't all get done. But supposedly, if you make a list of all you have to do, you can mentally let it go and focus on one thing at a time? {Getting Things Done} I think a man wrote that book.... ;)

At least I know what I have to focus on today:

We are launching a new release of BODYCOMBAT on Monday, so I'm knee deep in chorey for the rest of the morning! The to-do lists will have to wait a bit longer. ;)

How do you mentally separate your future to-do lists from what you have to do today? Is there really a way?? ;) 
My brain {as they say women's are} is definitely like spaghetti- it's all tied up together in there. So far, pray and let it go is all I've got! :)

Any great easy quilting tutorials you know of?? 
I'm thinking two big pieces of fabric sewn together and bound in zig-zags- does that sound okay to you quilters out there? I need help! :P

Anyone married in 2002 like us? Did 10 years fly by for you too?
I'm glad we were married young. I loved spending all of my 20's with Rob. It's fun growing up together in adulthood! :D

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