Wednesday, May 29, 2013

homemaking hack #6: how to take an inventory of your closet {or pack for a trip}

Here's my new favorite way to pack for a trip….or reorganize my closet. {or both? hey!}

1. Find the biggest open space you can.
The floor between our closet storage worked for me. A bed or dining table might work too. :)

2. Pull out all of your clothes and shoes.
Every single item if you're purging your closet. If you're going on a trip, just your most-loved items. :) 

my vacation outfits this year! :D
3. Match your favorite outfits.
This is the fun part! What goes with what? Balance your looser tops with more fitted bottoms or more fitted tops with looser bottoms. I'm a one pattern girl most of the time, so I like one fun or bright item paired with a basic neutral staple item like jeans. I have no idea why I'm like that, but it seems to happen every time! :)

Have fun without even trying them on- when they're all lying out, you can start to picture what looks good together!


4. Edit and delete items.
Do you already know you hate wearing that shirt- it's too loose, too tight, rides up, etc.? You probably won't like wearing it when that outfit day comes either. :) Delete it. 

5. Copy and paste multiple outfits.
Set matching tops next to your potential bottoms. That sounds weird {ha!}, but the idea is to layer multiple tops you like over one pair of pants you would wear them with.

6. Take pictures so you can remember what you have.
This is the fun part- take pictures, preferably with your phone, so that you can search your closet inventory easily in the morning or when you're out shopping for coordinating items. Having your clothes already matched makes such a difference in the time it takes to decide what to wear! :)


How often do you go through your closet? What are your favorite tips for keeping track of what you have to wear? 

Usually twice a year at least for me- when the seasons change, I purge the excess. Having a tiny closet helps with that! :)

How many clothes do you normally carry with you on a trip? 
I overpacked this time for sure! I wanted to have lots of options, and I did...hahah!

Do you find yourself wearing the same pair of jeans with all your outfits? 
Totally. If I love a pair of jeans, I will wear them until they get holes in them! :D

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