Thursday, May 30, 2013

thrifty find: ann taylor loft summer dress {w/pics} + pregnancy body changes

Pregnancy is such a dressing challenge. For nine months your body shape is constantly changing, and not only that- you have to go through multiple seasons too! I have been a different shape for nearly every pregnancy, which makes all of my old clothes fit differently than they did before {every time!}. Thankfully, my last three have been summer babies, which means all of my preggo clothes have been summer clothes for the last 6 years. :) 

But that seems to be where the similarities end for me. :) I gained a lot of weight with my first baby, and with the second pregnancy just 9 months later {different seasons too}, I gained only 1/2 of what I gained with the first one, and I exercised with neither. The third and fourth pregnancies were girls, and with the first one I didn't exercise, and with the second one I exercised so I gained less. This one is a boy, and I exercise and teach fitness classes this time, so again, my shape is different than all of the other times. :) I can still wear my summer preggo clothes but they all fit differently than they did 4 years ago. :) I never know what to expect! :D

So I'm trying to avoid buying any new clothes at this point {who knows if they'll fit again?} but when I saw this Ann Taylor Loft dress at GW {Goodwill} a few weeks ago, I snatched it up! :D

It was in perfect condition- and just $4.99! :D I spotted the cute striped fabric on the rack a mile away. It's a few sizes up from my normal size, so I think I might be able to wear it a little longer, and maybe after the baby is born too! :D

29 weeks with #5
Even if I only wear it a few times, I'll be happy- you really can't beat $5 for a lined Ann Taylor Loft summer dress! :D And who knows, maybe it will fit with any future babies.... ;) It's worth a try, anyway. :)

What finds have you scored at GW recently? :D

Mamas- have you found your body changes shape with each pregnancy too? What about with girls vs. boys?
I tend to gain differently with boys than girls for sure! 

Do you tend to wear more dresses in the summer or other seasons?
I wear way more dresses and skirts in the summertime- they are so much cooler than shorts are to me! :)

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