Monday, June 17, 2013

change is coming, an eventful date weekend & father's day, + our summer schedule

I realized last week that we only have a few more weeks as a family of 6. Isn't that weird to think about? For 4 years, this is what we've known- having 2 boys and 2 girls, and at this point we've not changed a diaper in 1.5 years, or carried a carseat around in over 3 years. 

Change is coming. :D It will be a wonderful one, but I'm kind of trying to live in this moment, and enjoy having mostly big kids while it's easier to get around. :) 

On Friday, we went to the library, the pool to swim for a while, then stopped in for free ice creams with our coupons:

Our gym also had a date night this weekend, and they were thrilled to go play while we went on a date.  Win, win. :) 

I was feeling like Italian food- or more precisely, Italian Chocolate Cake with toffee and ice cream. This is #2 of my favorite desserts from a restaurant! :) {here's #1}

We walked the mall for a very short while. Honestly, it was fun, but I was ready to head out very quickly, which Rob was probably thankful for! hahaha. Shopping and/or walking long distances in high heels is not my thing right now, but I did find something cool for the baby's room I can't wait to show you. ;)

Then we headed over to a local store that has free live music on Fridays- and it was like God planned for us to go there, because these people were playing our very favorite kind of music:

We only caught the end, but it was long enough to listen to three of the most beautiful songs I've heard live. Somewhere Over the Rainbow was one of them, and it made for the most perfect date. Ahhh. :)

But really, it could have been the most perfect date because I got to go with this guy:

Over and over, I realize how blessed I have been to be given such a loving, kind, honest, hard-working man to be my husband and the father of my children. I've never met a single man who loves his wife and family more than he does.  I'm so, so very thankful for him. :)

So yesterday was Father's Day, of course, and we had plans to chill out after church and lunch. Instead, we came home to a terrible {read: gross} house emergency which he dealt with for hours until dinnertime. 

I was so in awe of him. He's such a MAN, you know what I mean? He faces a challenge head on, when I would faint and give up at just the sight of it. I love him. And I seriously have no idea what I would do without him. :) So after that, we took him out to the best Mexican food place in town- Chuy's:

It was a much better ending to the weekend than the afternoon... ;)

And today is our first day working our new summer routine:
download a copy here

So far I like it even though it's slowing me down quite a bit. The kids seem really happy to have an order of events, and to start in on their new school work. It's day one, so I'm going to enjoy that while it lasts. ;) {okay, never mind. That lasted less time than it took me to write this post...}

I'm thankful for summer so far- it's been a challenge to be at home all day with the kids and no school work/schedule, but I've also been able to get lots done before the baby comes. :) I'll update you with that list and our menus for the week later on today! :)

How was your weekend/ Father's Day?

What's your favorite kind of music to listen to live?
I love orchestrated music the most, probably, then rock style. :)

Or your favorite way to motivate kids to finish their work/chores in the summer?

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