Tuesday, June 18, 2013

foods I now love that I used to hate + goals and menus {june 18, 2013}

Happy Tuesday! :) I intended to post this yesterday, but hey, we worked out in the yard instead! :) We are getting closer to my crazy nesting goal of having the entire yard redone! {it already looks so much better than this!!}

I was also very happy with the progress we made on the to-do list from last week:
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  • plan Ava's first party : it's going to be a rainbow princess party! {I'm pinning lots of pics here
  • make a loose summer schedule {download a copy here}
  • list two more items on Craigslist: listed and sold them!
  • figure out house payoff schedule/timeline
  • wash baby clothes we have, figure out additional clothes we will need to buy for his first few months 
  • work on planting grass in the corner
  • make wall decor for baby room 
  • write a love note to my husband
  • write a love/encouraging note to my oldest 
  • take the kids swimming and to the library 
  • reschedule midwife appointment 
  • arrange Father's day plans/gifts :D
  • buy summer homeschool books for each child 
  • make lots of dinners at home {I was super busy last week, and we ate out a lot!
  • teach pump Saturday

here's the baby list progress I made:
  • make quilt/bedding
  • make 1 wall decor piece for over the bed
  • paint crib and dresser {still working on this, but mostly done}
  • wash baby clothes
  • buy diapers, wipes, and nursing supplies 
  • wash car seat + bouncer covers
  • hang curtains
  • order or find a pack n' play travel lite on Craigslist {decided not to get this after all- will use old playpen we already have instead of buying unless we find a good deal}

and here's the new goal list for this week:
  • hang curtains in the baby's room
  • start cleaning out the attic
  • make grocery list for Ava's party
  • wash kid sheets and blankets
  • list/sell 2 things on craigslist
  • buy home birth supplies we need
  • organize + purge kid toys upstairs
  • sub extra BODYPUMP class {+ burn off extra cake and Mexican food...LOL}
  • change phone plan
  • organize husband's dresser/clothes
  • add light fixture to bathroom {not me, LOL}
  • put girls' bed together {not me again}
  • take the kids swimming and to the library

Here are this week's menu plans- it's summer, so I'm shamelessly repeating most of last week. I've decided my goal this summer is to make as many paper plate /one dish/microwave meals as possibly I can. :) 

  • dinner with friends
  • ground turkey tacos {I have pre-cooked meat in the freezer ready for the microwave}
  • crockpot turkey spaghetti + bread
  • seasoned grilled chicken, pineapples + rice
  • griddle turkey sun dried tomato quesadillas + corn 
  • beans and rice {crockpot + rice cooker}
  • brown rice +/- lean beef {me}
  • zucchini pasta with homemade marinara {I hope I can find good zucchini at the store now!}

english muffin toaster oven pizzas
lunch out
pb + j with frozen fruit

cereal {frosted mini wheats or honey nut cheerios now that it's summer! :D}
bagels for the kids {I stocked up at the discount bakery a couple of weeks ago}

Have you tried any good summer {no-oven required} recipes lately? 
I would love it if you'd share- we are trying not to heat up the house this summer with our electric bill getting so much higher already.

Sun-dried tomato basil lover or hater?
I used to detest basil and then sometime in my 20's I fell in love with it. My children don't really like it now either, but I have a feeling they'll come around after they grow up. Ha! :D

One food you used to hate as but now love as an adult?
tofu, mushrooms, onions, eggs, fresh green beans....and the list goes on! I can't believe how much your preferences can change over time!

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