Thursday, June 20, 2013

thrifty date night outfit: $5 GW dress + $1.86 owl necklace {w/amazon link!}

I mentioned on Monday that we had the chance to go on a date at Carino's... it was the first time since our vacation last month. :) I was super excited to have a reason to wear this GW find from a couple of months ago that I hadn't worn before {and even more glad it still fit me! lol}:

My dress was originally from Target, brand new for just $5! I had so much fun dressing up again {and on the cheap}! In your last trimester, dressing up is not something you do or want to do frequently for some reason. :)

And remember this Vintage Owl Pendant Long Bronze Chain Necklace* from the gift guide for girls? It was $1.37 shipped. The price has gone up to $1.86 now, but I'd still say it's a great deal! :D {side note: I have quite a few more of these amazon finds- would you want me to share them on a regular basis?}

I've been putting it to good use since Christmas, and it's held up very well!

I've been so thankful for dresses this year especially- it's been hot in our old house this summer! Thanks to being 8 months along with baby #5, no matter where I go, I can only wear jeans or capris for so long without feeling like I'm overheating! :) In fact, I used to be so cold-natured that I had to carry a jacket with me year-round and now I almost never need one. I'd say that's one benefit of pregnancy, wouldn't you? ;)

How about you? How do you dress for the heat in the summer? 
For me, it really depends on the state of pregnancy I'm in that! :) For 4 out of 10 summers, I've been pregnant during the summer months! :) And I'm almost always at the end of my pregnancy, so Texas feels a little hotter than normal.

Favorite date restaurant? 
favorite chain restaurants: Carino's {Italian} and Saltgrass Steakhouse, and for very special dates- P.F. Changs. I find when we're without kids I really love to go to quieter places with big tall secluded booths. hahahaha! :)

Do you sit side by side or across from your significant other in a booth?
Side by side. Unless I've had a long day and I'm feeling the need to breathe, which has only happened a few times in our marriage. Most of the time I like to lean on his shoulder/hold hands while we wait for food. :)

Have you scored any cute finds lately? Please share the link if you have one! :D

*amazon affiliate link

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