Wednesday, July 31, 2013

10 steps of pregnancy distraction {a.k.a. our weekend}

In an effort to distract myself from being so hugely pregnant ;) , I'm making a random list of things we've done to keep busy for the last few days! :)

1. A fun matinee with the family.
We rarely go to the movies, and I was shocked- even with matinee prices, we paid $37! No wonder we love the library so much. ;) I think the kids always feel like it's a special treat when we do go, and it was last weekend too. I figure we probably won't remember how much it costs either. :)

2. Dating and enjoying more Mexican food.
yes, I'm eating salsa from the was spicy so I had to eat it straight!  And then!.....nothing happened.
I've tried eating spicy foods with almost every pregnancy with absolutely zero results. I believe I have a uterus of steel... {now that's a special gift isn't it?}

But hey, at least the salsa was good.

3. Slow grocery shopping just for fun! :)

All of my kids LOVE those little carts. We make quite the scene when all four of them have one. It's a challenge, but I'm ridiculously happy they're all still little enough to want to drive one. :)

4. Sharing baguettes, bananas, and dried papaya with the girls while the boys are at praise camp. :)

5. Rollerblading/walking/biking on the park trail as a family and ending up with broken arm #2. :(

6. Doctor appointments to deal with #5. {insert sad face...again}

7. Experimenting with cutting my own heavy side-swept bangs.
no headband!
It's not a drastic change, but I'm liking it so far. {here's a helpful video on cutting your own hair here: the biggest tips- hold your scissors vertically, and don't close them all the way when you cut!}
and of course, with headband!
8. Re-washing and ironing the curtains.
You might have seen this one over on IG! In addition to ironing, I've actually found a number of other cleaning-related things to do that no one will ever care about, like scrubbing underneath the cabinets and doors, sweeping the house in the middle of the night, and cleaning out the freezer. Those are good signs right? ;)

8. Anniversary shopping at the mall.
I went to buy something specifically for Rob {and found it!}, and I found my own little present while I was there...hahahah! :) It was on clearance for a great deal, and I'm already loving the hands-free aspect!

I have a feeling my husband is secretly relieved when I find my own presents....hehehee!
9. Being fascinated by aqua dryer lint.
I joked over on the fb page that you know you've been a homemaker for a while when you're amazed by colorful dryer lint and wonder what you could do with it! :)

{btw- thank you for all your ideas!! here are 11 great uses for it!!}

10. Watching Rob redo the tiny bathroom. 
This is the "before" pic I took on Saturday morning- I still need one more thing to finish reorganizing it before the "after" pic will be ready. I need to replace that plastic drawer system or get rid of it entirely, but I want it to be cute, cheap, and fit {of course}.

And the distract Mandy from the fact that her baby keeps growing and is going to weigh 10 lbs. plan continues: on the agenda for the rest of the week are more appointments, a trip to the library, exercising {after a few days off, I can't take not going to the gym!}, and maybe I'll get the motivation to start a new DIY project. We will see! :)

What are you up to this week? 

Moms of boys- how common is it for your boys to break their limbs? I feel like I'm being initiated into the yearly club! And to think I have two more boys to go! ;)

Have you done any DIY projects recently? I'd love to see them!!

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