Thursday, August 1, 2013

thrifty outfit: Walmart maxi skirt, Target, and Ann Taylor Loft

Remember this $13 Walmart maxi skirt? It's getting put to good use this summer! :) 

I think this is the first time I've remembered to actually take a picture when I wore it! I decided after the big jean fiasco that jeans are now completely out of the question when I'll be sitting for any length of time. 

Cue the magical elastic waistband- a great mercy from above, perfect for sitting through a church service:

I paired it with a $6 Ann Taylor Loft dress shirt I found at the Clothes Mentor consignment store, a $2 Mossimo belt from Target/GW, and a clearance pair of Lucky Brand leather wedges {$28ish} that have nearly proved to be the death of me at least 3 times. Loose leather, tiny soles, 5 inch wedges, and a great big pregnant belly= not a good combo. This falls into the obvious/ really dumb category, but I don't have any other comfortable wedges, so I've pretty much worn them out. ;)

39+ weeks
And oh my,  how that profile shot never ceases to amaze me! Thank you Walmart, for making a cheap, cute maxi skirt to save my ever-growing belly, and thank you Jesus, for growing babies- it's truly incredible to see!!

outfit total: $21 {with a retail priced new skirt and belt}

Okay, so tell me... do maxi skirts feel like pajamas to you too? 
I won't tell anyone- it can be our secret! ;) It might be the most comfortable piece of clothing I own!

Have you found anything good at Walmart recently?

Do you have a favorite cheap and comfy wedge you love? What brand is it?
I have had zero luck with finding any at GW, but I keep trying!

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