Monday, July 22, 2013

how to slow down time + being content with now

I think I have a new way to slow down time: be 38 weeks pregnant. Every day and night will last longer than you can possibly imagine. :)

This morning my news-watching brother texted me and asked if Princess Kate and I had planned to have our babies on the same day. :P I told him I wish... at least for the part of this baby coming today, anyway. :) Even more hilarious than that, when I told Rob what my brother texted me he responded with, "who's Kate again?" :)

I don't know if Princess Kate enjoyed her last weekend, but I did. :) It started with Panera and garage sales with the family on Saturday {we bought a bag of 1/2 dozen bagels there- the most brilliant idea for eating breakfast out I stole from Ruth who has 6 little boys!}.

Then we went for a long walk on the trail on Saturday night, which started out grand and ended up with us running back in a thunderstorm...and that was the moment I learned this very pregnant girl can only run about 100 yards at a time at this point. So we all got soaked. The boys loved it; mama not so much. ;)

Noah holding a 10 inch worm on the trail.
Even with all that walking and running I did, there still were no signs of labor. It's still early, but that doesn't mean a girl can't try a little...hahaha! 

Oh you guys, I'm trying to wait patiently on the Lord for the birth of this baby. I know it's getting closer and will be here so, so very soon, but I'm not very good at waiting. :) I know beyond a doubt that God's timing is better than mine- He's shown it to me over and over- even in my previous births! I know His will is what is important, and trusting Him is the very best thing I can do right now. He knows when it is time for this little one to come.

Today I want to focus on the great blessings I have right now instead of waiting to be content later. You know what I mean? I get so caught up in the future I forget to remember I only have now.

Today, I'm so thankful for this MAN. He shows us all such great love on a daily basis:

I'm thankful for sunny weather, and the chance to see gorgeous creations of God like this giant gerbera we spotted on our date last night.

I'm thankful for parents who watch our kiddos and give us time alone as a couple. It's been so very good for our marriage! Yesterday while my dad took the kids, we had the chance to drive around for an hour, walk a few stores, and eat at Chuy's on a long date. {bumpy car ride, walking, Mexican food...check ;)}

I'm thankful for a fully stocked freezer and yummy real food snacks. These are so good:

I'm thankful for the distraction of all your baby guesses over here... they are so much fun to read- so far, the biggest weight guess is 10 lbs. 4 ounces! Oh my! If this baby is that big when he comes out, I should get a medal of some kind! :) Phew!

After our busy week, I took off from making goals last Monday, so this week I figure I'll make a few just to keep me distracted in the midst of long days. :) This morning I had a great desire to repaint the bathroom and clean out the fridge, but I haven't made a list quite yet, so I'll keep you posted! :)

Do dates freak you out or do you love them too? 
I admit they look a lot like a gross insect we all despise here... ;)

How big was your biggest baby? :) Any double digits out there?

Any verses of encouragement that helped you through uncomfortable days?

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