Sunday, August 18, 2013

life with a newborn...the first few days in pics

The last five days have been incredible. So exciting, and so tiring, in the most wonderful way.

It has only been four years since our last baby was born, but somehow I'd forgotten how delighted I would be every time he looked at me, or how happy I would be to pick him up from a nap, or even change his tiny diapers.:)  I can't stop staring at him. How did this perfect little person come out of my body on Tuesday? It's so amazing to me. I'm just enjoying every second of it. Even waking up 16 times a night, sometimes just making sure he's okay. {I guess it doesn't matter how many times you've done it before- even with the 5th one I worry if he hasn't woken up in the last hour... ;) }

He's nursing like a serious champ- I think he's gained at least 1/2 lb. this week! His face is getting even rounder, and goodness, I totally forgot how many diapers a tiny human can make in a day. :) At least at this point, it's still just amazing to me that his body can do that so well! :)

Oh, I am so very in love with this little man.

I hear him starting to wake up in the other room, but I wanted to hop in and share a few of my favorite pics from the last few days:

The very first time the kids saw him:

12 hours old :)
1 day old
 Tired, but so happy- day 2.5. :D

on two nights of no sleep...but we'll want to remember this moment I'm sure! :)
2 days old
He must have won some kind of lotto- he's so lucky to have the best daddy in the whole world.
This man is incredible.

our 2 day midwife checkup- we were blessed to have amazing midwives! :)

there's something about a tiny boy in overalls... :)

he's so chunky, and I LOVE it, except that he looks so old already here! And he was only 3 days old!! ;)
He's peeling all over from head to toe- mama has to resist the urge to get the loofah out. :)
it's not red really, more brown and a little auburn maybe? We think it's the darkest hair color we've had yet! Maybe it will be red after all?
I think he's going to be fair skinned like his mama! ;) .... 5 days old
Thank you for all your sweet words- we are so thankful for your love these past few days!! :D

God has been so good to us.

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