Thursday, September 19, 2013

anthropologie garage sales: better than black friday at GW

You know every now and then you hit one of those garage sales you get really excited about- one hosted by someone your age, with great clothes in close to your size, and fantastic taste. The garage sale of someone who shops at Banana Republic and Anthropologie who wants to get rid of their stuff in the next hour and wants to make a deal.  :) Talk about thrilling. :D 

I found a garage sale like that not too long ago, and it was like getting Goodwill prices at Anthropologie, but even better! :) 

I scored all of this for $10:

Which seems pretty decent, you might think- it is way better than GW prices for 7 items. But wait...

These plates were from Anthropologie:

And they still had the stickers on the back for $14 each. :) Plus, they came with plate hangers! I got them for all of $1.43 each,  right at 10% of their original price, not counting the cost of plate hangers! :) Every now and then I'll find a cute plate at GW for .99, but 3 anthro plates with hangers? Never happened.

The throw didn't have a tag on it, but it's thick and heavy, and it's perfect for a corner chair:

And I normally wear clothes I find for thrifty thursday pictures, but it's going to be a while before I can wear these. :) The dress was a silk tea-length from Hype {also sold at anthro for crazy amounts of $!}, and the scarf is yellow houndstooth from Banana Republic. All for $1.43 each. The pink top is super cute too- well made with embroidery at the bottom. It feels very high quality.

And at another garage sale at a friend's house, I found these ginormous candle holders for $5 for the set! {that's what she was asking on the sticker- I didn't even talk her down... ;)}

Now I just need to find 3 pillar candles at a garage sale- if I bought them at Walmart, I'd have to pay more than the holders cost! :)

I'm sad that garage sale season is nearly over- a fact that is hilarious to me, really, because I have very distinct memories of being in the 8th grade and hiding under the seat while my mom went to them.  I was mortified to be shopping at garage sales. And now I tell everyone the deal I found on this stuff in someone's yard. :) We've come a long way, baby! Hehehe.

Were you embarrassed to shop at garage sales when you were young too? Or did you grow up doing it and love it?
I would have saved a ton of money in college if I had bought my clothes secondhand. I guess you have to learn some things the hard way. ;)

What's your best garage sale deal ever? I really want to know- I love a good thrifting story!
I'd say we found the best deals ever at this garage sale 3 years ago!

What do you use in place of pillar candles? Any creative ideas or great sources for cheap large ones?

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