Tuesday, September 17, 2013

homeschool houses, diet sabotage, and my love language

Here's what we're doing every morning and afternoon these days:

School. Lots and lots of school. 

The upside of sitting in one room doing school all day? 

The kids are so busy working they can't make messes. That's a win, right there. :)

That and the whole "they're getting and education" thing too, I suppose. ;) And hey, we get to spend all day together. We like that.

We're 3 days in, and it is definitely work. Yesterday was our hardest day yet, but that could have been because my head was pounding and the baby cried most of the day. But the other days were good, even though we're averaging 6-7.5 hours doing school. I mostly sit there with them and try not to do anything else- especially housework. So the house is gradually getting messier. And I'm trying not to care. A messier house is okay at this point, right? ;) 

I'm trying to get back into a routine slowly, including grocery shopping and menu planning again. :) We had our last meal from our church friends last week {isn't that the sweetest kind of love? I think our church excels in loving- they're the essence of Christ!}, so we're back in the game, and trying not to eat out as much as we have in the past couple of months.

I spotted these at Sam's and knew exactly what I wanted to make with them! Welcome back to my life, pumpkin sauce. :D I need good, filling food to replace my ice cream habit. I've been going easy on my usual diet since the baby came, but it's time to start eating well again. :)

But Sam's Club somehow must have known about my desire to go back to semi-healthy ways, because they stuck these out in the middle of the aisle where I couldn't ignore them, and they marked them down to $3.41 each. 2 lbs. 9 ounces of double stuf goodness for $3.41?? I'm sorry, jiggly thighs. At least I'll have plenty of calories for the baby... ;)

It was like Christmas this weekend. 240 double-stuffed Oreos, and then I got this in the mail:

Can you believe my husband ordered this for me the day I posted it, and it came by Saturday? He also ordered me the earrings. That man rocks my world. I am so spoiled. :D He knows my love language is gifts. :)

He had ordered me the very same owl necklace* a while back along with a couple of others as a surprise {it's down to 60 cents with free shipping!}:

I love him.

I suppose I need to make him dinner every now and then as a thank you. ;)

So here's the plan for meals this week- I'm still keeping it simple with ready-made ingredients:

black beans + rice
fajita tacos, leftover beans/ rice
spaghetti {no meat} + salad
brisket sandwiches + sweet potato fries + corn
pizza night
grilled cheese sandwiches

beef hotdogs {they haven't had these in a while- they're so good/bad} or turkey sandwiches + fruit + carrot + chips

frosted mini wheats

baked potatoes {I can't get enough of these!}
beef fajita meat
chicken breast

Pizza night will be Saturday since I'll be at church. I have to say I'm a little nervous about this weekend- I'm speaking at my church in our first women's night:

Would you pray for me this week if you think about it- that I would be able to say what God wants me to say, and if it's His will, speak clearly and well, and not be nervous? :) And if you're in the ETX area and are free Saturday night, I'd love to see you! Email me or fb me and I'll give you the details if you promise not to laugh at me in person. ;)

What are your plans this week?

Favorite store-bought cookie?
Mine is Danish Wedding cookies {thanks to my Mom :)}- they're hard to find!

Pumpkin fan or not?
I don't like the pie but love it in cake without the spices.

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