Monday, October 28, 2013

do, read, learn, be goals for this week

Can you believe it's almost November! How is this possible? The months after you have a baby fly by! ;)

Here are this week's do, read, learn, and be goals! :D

make 3 dinners ahead for this week
plan out November dinner list
list 2 more things for sale
drop off Goodwill donations
take 4 kids to dentist appointments
make a list of gifts I've collected for Christmas/birthdays
nurse the baby without doing anything else 2-3 times a day
clean out kid summer clothes
teach fitness classes/ exercise 5 hours this week

Look at that belly! The Zaner, 10 weeks old! :)
the book of Philippians
2 chapters of To Live as Christ to Die is Gain*
finish reading The Skinny Rules* {I love reading food/nutrition/diet books- it's one of my favorite genres and this book is great so far!}

Isaiah 55:6-7 {totally skipped out on the last two weeks, so we're not giving up}


We've been running really hard in October so I'm hoping we get to calm down a little in November. A lack of sleep combined with multi-tasking all day long is making me feel a little crazy- my words won't come out right and I feel a bit like I'm spinning in circles. I'm just brain-tired, you know? Strangely enough, this happens every October because of birthday/event month, and this year it's even harder with a 2 month old. {go figure! haha!}

It's important for me to get a little more sleep and just focus my mind on Jesus more instead of worrying about all the things I have to do and all of the things I haven't done yet.

I'm aiming to spend more time away from the computer and phone this week so that I feel more focused on what I'm doing, like nursing the baby or reading a book, or cleaning out the closets. My plan is to pray and focus on Jesus or listen to worship music while I do those tasks and leave the beeping phone behind in the other room, and from Wednesday on, I'm planning to turn off the computer by 10:30 p.m. this week and go to bed instead of working late. :) I'm hoping taking these little steps will help my brain in the next few weeks!

Do you feel like you're distracted by the internet too? {we'll talk more about this on Wednesday too!}

How do you focus on being more focused on your family?

* amazon affiliate links- should you purchase that book using my link, I'll get a tiny percentage! hey! :D

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