Thursday, October 24, 2013

sweet kiddos + praising God for changed plans

Busy doesn't quite do the last week justice. Every moment was filled with four birthdays, parties, and events- here, and out and about, making food, grocery shopping, plus a good mix of company and regular life with kids issues... it was crazy. :) But the best kind of crazy!

And I mentioned Monday that Elijah turned 10 last weekend. That was a big deal! I can't believe we have a ten-ager now! ;)

He's so precious. Here's what he loves to wear these days- he's becoming quite the little hipster musician! {which cracks me up, because they don't have TV or watch much of anything but cartoons!}

He's taking on a style all his own. :D I bought the hat for his birthday because he loved them every time he saw one in the store. And he's the kind of kiddo who almost never wants anything. :)

And his brothers and sisters love him so much they wrote him a birthday song disguised in hieroglyphics and sang it to him, then spent their own money and bought him a gift, complete with cards and homemade wrapping paper. :D

They looooove him. :D

The song went something like: "One day there was a good day, that God made the sun, and the stars, and the trees, and the grass, and you." :)

And they wrote him a card that said, "even when your reward is heaven, you git a reward here."

It was one of those moments when your heart is so full it could burst. It makes me wonder how the Lord feels when His children love each other, you know?

Sometimes it hits me {like a punch in the stomach} that outside of God's grace- if I would have had it my way- we might have had only two boys {or even none!} way back then. Look what preciousness we would have missed out on:

I can't imagine a world without Zane in it- or Bella, or Ava. What joy, what an incredible blessing our family would have missed if we had chosen to follow my 8 year "plan"...

Oh, thank you Jesus for these sweet little ones. Thank you for not leaving me to my own plans.

Have you ever had a plan that you were grateful God didn't let you follow? Or a prayer He didn't answer that ended up being for your good? 

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