Tuesday, October 8, 2013

setting "do.read.learn.be." goals :::: free printable worksheet

I've so enjoyed setting "do, read, learn, and be" goals over the past two years. It's really helped me to intentionally include things I want to do as well as narrow down things I have to do each week or month. Just getting it all on paper determines how many goals I can accomplish. Plus it really makes my brain feel better- you know what I mean? :)

Last year, I broke my goals down into four categories. Here's what each category means to me:

These are special tasks I want to accomplish. These might have to be rearranged through the year- but this column gives me an idea of what I would like to get done this week. It's not a daily outline, but a list of what I want to do in a week's time {or month's time}.

I love to read, but ever since I had my third child I’ve been terrible about reading books regularly. Setting goals in this area really helps me focus on it intentionally, and finishing one book each month is exciting for me! Even just reading a chapter or two each week will allow me to read some of a book each month, which is better than where I was before I started setting goals. Every little bit is progress! :D

I have to frequently memorize fitness choreography now, but I really want to memorize more of the Bible too. I memorized hundreds of verses as a child, and I still remember many of them today. It makes a huge difference in my walk with Jesus- the Holy Spirit brings to mind Scriptures I've memorized all the time, and He does it just when I need them. I love Him! Seriously, learning the Word of God has made such an impact in my life.

These are character traits I would like to work on for a period of time, outlined with specific actions aimed to help me think and learn about them. I believe the Holy Spirit is the only way to becoming more like Christ and heart change is from Him alone, so I’m praying He will help me to become more like Him through these character goals and help me to see my shortcomings and sinfulness- the ones I can see and those I don’t yet.

Many people have requested a printable for setting their own goals, so here it is! A free drlb goals worksheet printable for you!

How do you set your goals each week? 

Have you used the drlb method? How does it work for you? :D

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