Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Women Living Well: the book study

Have you heard of Women Living Well? It's a brand new book about "finding your joy in God, your man, your kids, and your home," and it just came out yesterday! 

I had the chance to read Courtney's new book early this summer {her amazing blog here: if you don't already read it- you will love her!}, and I thought it was one of the most practical, God-centered books I've ever read on being a homemaker, wife, and mom. I love the way she gives Titus 2 advice in the most gracious way- she isn't legalistic or harsh, but she tells you the truth and gives you real-life examples. It's full of ideas you can take away and use right now, which I love!

It is a fabulous book, and I really enjoyed reading it- so much so that it just wouldn't do it justice to simply review it here. I want to really mull over it and implement her ideas slowly over time, you know?

So I had an idea: what if we do a Women Living Well book study together? Wouldn't it be perfect for getting in good habits right before the holidays and the new year starts? 

8 weeks? Short readings- about 35 pages a week, and we can talk about how we can implement the ideas here, and then how it all worked out in real life each week? We'll introduce the book and the reading plan next week, and starting October 16th, I will go in details about each section and a "homework" assignment for each week based on the book, so you will have plenty of time to find the book and get started if you want to come along with me.  I am soooo excited to put some of WLW's ideas into action! 

What do you think? Wanna join me on this journey? :D

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