Monday, November 11, 2013

weekend life: dating, painting, and my personal cooks

Weekends are the best.

Something about homeschooling four kiddos full-time makes me appreciate the weekend days like never before. :) Maybe because the weeknights look like this by about 9:30 at our house these days:

But our weekends are free and easy. They're usually unstructured, include lots of sleep, church with friends, and a date night alone. 

On Friday night our gym hosted a date night for the parents, and we were all over that $5 per kid childcare. :)

Where did we go for dinner?  You probably know the answer. :)

Chuy's is our favorite. We're a little weird- we always pick one place and go there until something changes. We become such regulars that everyone remembers us. :) And we always order the same thing. We like comfort zones. ;)

After dinner on Friday night, we headed over to Barnes and Noble for the hubs favorite coffee drink and this cupcake:

And yes, I always take pictures with my desserts. ;) That's how much I love my cake.  And chocolate fudge cupcakes may be my favorite. {Though tres leches is extremely good too.}

 I have to be honest, though- Rob had some serious competition on this date:

He's a good sport- he understood why I was so charmed by another fellow when he saw the smile.

Ahhh. It's so cute I can hardly stand it. That smile keeps me entertained all day long. :)

While at B&N, we picked this up for me, thanks to so many of your recommendations:

And then at the register, they gave me this, and I would love to know if you have any insight on their recommendations???

The Communist Manifesto is to the Power of a Praying Wife as ______________ is to ______________? I used to be good at analogies but this one stumped me. haha!

Another great weekend moment? We did what Texans do for fun...

Try on cowboy boots. ;) It was our first time and we were looking for something specific at the western store, so we had a little fun while we were there. I've never seen so many boots in one place before! They have some amazing boots. I think tall embroidered western boots need to go mainstream. They're so pretty! :D

It was a fun experiment, anyway. Another out-of-the-ordinary experiment we're trying? We decided to start sampling a strange, mostly foreign cheese every week. 

Last week was Irish natural cheddar from Irish farm cows, and this week is Jarlsberg imported from Norway. The Irish cheddar was excellent, but the the Jarlsburg is a little too sweet for me. I don't eat it with or on anything, though. Maybe I should?

We ended the weekend with Rob making his very first primitive fire {is there anything the man can't do??}:

And then a little painting time before bed last night. I tried watercolors for the first time!! 

And then it was Monday again, and I put my three cooks back to work:

We're having beans and rice for dinner tonight, and I'm teaching BODYCOMBAT after we get done with school and picking up the house today.  

The good news about Mondays? They're great days to get things done! Hey, if fun weekends were all we ever had, our house would be a mess and we'd have no food to eat. ;)

How was your weekend? :D

Any favorite imported cheeses you love that we have to try? 
I'm a cheese novice. I like feta and cheddar- anything salty and sharp.

Random question- do you ever make taco shells at home without buying them pre-made? Do you have a recipe? Please tell me it's not just pure lard and flour. Or don't tell me if it is. ;)

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