Wednesday, December 4, 2013

10 fun + lovely online gift ideas for women {$40 + under}

One of my goals this week is to do my Christmas shopping, and so I figured I would share some of my favorite web finds with you while I was looking for deals!

My love language is gift-giving, so you know I had WAY too much fun making this list. I gathered up some of my very favorite gifts on the web! {most of them from Amazon because I shop there for everything now that we have 5 kids...heheh.}

Almost everything on this women's gift list is $40 or less, and I tried to cover several price ranges too. :)

Here are my 10 faves, in no particular order:

1. Botanicals Notebook Collection: 3 notebooks for $11.13 {+ free shipping with prime}. These are adorable! Rob bought them for me for my birthday, and I'm still using the first one. I carry it everywhere because I'm still a paper girl. :)

2. Swirled Anthro Mug, $10. A little different than a typical Anthro mug. Isn't it sweet?

3. Rifle Paper Co - Spanish Rose Iphone 5 Case - Inlay, $36 {$4 shipping}. This one is a bit pricey for a case, but the reviews say it's sturdy and really protects your phone. :D But I'll be honest and tell you I like it mostly because it's pretty. :) 

3. Sarah Watts Kitchen Linen Spice Adult Apron, $26.98 {free shipping with prime}. I am a little in love with this.

4. Aspen Bay 20 Oz Jar Capri Blue Candle - Volcano, $25 {free prime shipping} and so worth it. This candle it made it into last year's guide, and it's the only one to make a comeback for the girls this year!

5. Greenland Home Andorra Throws, Multicolor, $37 {free prime shipping}. It gets great reviews and I love the funky, colorful brightness of it. 

5. ESV MacArthur Study Bible, Personal Size, $39 + shipping {or $43 with free shipping}. While I don't agree with every single position John MacArthur takes, I love, love, love my MacArthur study Bible because of it's in-depth notes. This is the first smaller-sized ESV that just came out this September!

6. Cotton Gray Stripe Lightweight Soft Scarf, $13.99 {+ $2.99 shipping}. I wanted to go for wool, but since it's been 80 degrees here in Texas, it just doesn't seem right. ;)

7. Hand-stamped jewelry from Mary at Hope Homemade, $24. You can custom order a necklace with the words of your choice too! I think I would order one with beloved because sometimes I need a reminder of just how much the Lord loves me, and how I am His child. :) I love the leather necklace! :)

9. Passion: Let the Future Begin, $8.49 {free prime shipping}. This was one of my favorite CDs this year. It made me want to go to the Passion conference next year. I heard it was amazing! Maybe I should add Passion tickets to this list too...

10. 6.5 quart cast iron enamel dutch oven, $39. This thing has become an invaluable homemaking tool in our house! I got mine at Goodwill for $10 {total fluke!} but these are worth every penny at $40. They heat up fast, cook the food evenly, make everything taste better, and nothing sticks to it. I'm not even joking. I agree with the reviewer who said they'd marry one if they could. :)

Lodge Color EC6D43 Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven, Purple 6-Quart, $73
So there are my 10 favorites- some of which I already own and love, some of which I will be buying for friends and family! :) 

Can you believe we only have less than three weeks to go? {with a 3.5 month old, I can't say enough- I'm so thankful for online shopping!! hahaha!}

*disclosure- the Amazon links above contain affiliate information. Should you purchase the item through my link, I get a small percentage from Amazon. Yay for small percentages!!

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